How To Get Sponsored on YouTube for FREE!

How To Get Sponsored on YouTube for FREE: So today, In this post, I’m going to be showing you how you can easily get sponsored on YouTube for free. This can help you to earn some extra money from YouTube. Stick till the end of this post!


How To Get Sponsored on YouTube for FREE!

How To Get Sponsored on YouTube

In order to get sponsored on YouTube, you can use the following ways:-

  • 5000+ Subscribers – Famebit

How To Get Sponsored on YouTube free

In case you have over 5,000 subscribers, you can simply sign up for a Fame bit account.

The sign-up process is pretty easy. Once you sign up for an account, you can easily reach out brands and get sponsored.

The minimum payment you get there is $50 and maximum goes till $10,000. As a small YouTuber don’t set the price above $50 to $60 otherwise you won’t get any approval for the sponsorship. Also, write good proposals, this will give you a higher chance of getting approved.


  • Reach Brands

In case you have a very small channel and can’t sign up for Famebit, what you can do is you can reach out brands asking for the sponsorship and telling them how you can help their company. You can tell them that you have the target audience for their company.

How To Reach Brands?

The best way to reach a brand would be through email. Search for their business emails & you can easily contact the brand.

Personal Tip

Since you don’t get the approval easily for the smaller channels,  What I would recommend you to do is to contact at least 4-5 brands at once. This way you’ll have a higher chance of getting approved overall.


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How To Get Sponsored on YouTube for FREE: I hope you found this post helpful. In case you have any queries, feel free to comment them down below & I’ll be happy to answer them.

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