Yoonla Proof of Earnings – Day 1 to Day 30 Journey!

Yoonla Proof: Hello, Guys! Today I’m going to be showing you my Earnings proof of Yoonla. I’ll be sharing with you, my journey of Yoonla from Day 1 to Day 30.

Hopefully, this will inspire you 🙂


Yoonla Proof of Earnings – Day 1 to Day 30 Journey!

Yoonla Proof

In case you don’t know what exactly Yoonla is and how can it help you to make money online, I would recommend to you check out my post on this. I have to say this is one of the easiest ways of making money through the internet.

I have used a lot of programs in the past but none have generated me such good results.

Below are some of my videos that I made on Yoonla where I also show my earnings. Whatever earnings you’re seeing in the videos below, they all have come from FREE Traffic. I didn’t use any Solo ADS or any kind of paid traffic.

Video Proof –


My Results

I started using Yoonla, 30 to 35 days back. This is my Journey From Day 1 to Day 30.

Day 1

Day 7

Day 14

In almost 5-6 days, I doubled my earnings as I got a Sale of $30.  Again, I didn’t use any paid traffic!

DAY 20

 On day 25 these were my earnings!


Yoonla Proof


Day 31

In the last 15 to 20 days, I’ve nearly 3x my earnings from Yoonla.



Today I received my first payment from Yoonla


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Why do I like Yoonla?

The reason why I like Yoona is that

  • It offers great free beginner friendly training.
  • It pays a good amount for every lead.
  • It pays 60% of commissions for every sale.
  • Easy to Scale
  • Pays Worldwide

Some Downsides to Yoonla

  • You’ll have to wait more than a month for your earnings to get approved.
  • At least, $40 to $45 investment is required for getting Email Autoresponder & Web Hosting with Domain & to Promote Yoonla.
  • You won’t get commissions for free sign ups from some Top tier 3 countries (Check my review).

Yoonla Proof – Till date, I have tried so many programs but none of them have provided me such great results. This month I am thinking to promote Yoonla using paid traffic and hopefully, my earnings will also go up.


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