Yoonla Review 2018 & My Results with Earnings Proof

Yoonla Review 2018: Today, In this post I’ll be sharing with you, my personal experience with Yoonla which I started using, a week ago.

I’ll be covering What is it and Does it actually work or not and also the results I got with it.


Yoonla Review

yoonla review

What is Yoonla?

So Yoonla is basically a CPA marketing program that pays up to $4 per lead and besides this,  It also pays 60% of commissions through the sales generated from your leads.

Yoonla pays:-

  • Top tier 1  countries – $4 per lead
  • Top tier 2 countries – $2 per lead
  • Top tier 3 countries – $2 per lead

Countries like – India, Pakistan etc. are excluded.

A few of the countries are excluded and you won’t get paid for the leads generated from those countries but If they buy some product within the Yoonla membership area, you’ll be paid 60% of the commissions.


Who can make money from Yoonla?

Since Yoonla provides the users with a step by step training, anyone who is willing to put in the time & effort on the internet can use this program.


What all you get inside the Yoonla foundation program?

yoonla review 2017


  • Amazing Training

Inside the Yoonla membership area, you get access to some pieces of training that will show you exactly what you need to do in order to capture leads effectively and efficiently without any wastage and convert them into sales.

  • FREE Custom setup (worth $297)

I didn’t follow the first 4 steps and simply claimed my free custom setup (right now  its free)which I’ll be telling you about later in the post but I watched the videos shown in Step 5 which basically shows ‘How to generate traffic to our landing page through different traffic sources’.

  • Newbie-friendly

If you’re a newbie I would recommend you to follow all the steps carefully, watch all the videos as you’ll be provided with the amazing value and that too for free.

  • Learn basic stuff 

You’ll learn the basic stuff that every internet marketer should know such as – how to set up a landing page, build an email list, generate sales and much more.

If you are someone who has had some prior experience with internet marketing & capturing leads, You can simply claim your free custom setup.

You can use the exact strategy shown inside the Yoonla Foundation program in your own unique way to promote any product on the internet.


Do you need to pay for anything?

Yoonla membership is 100% Free. Now, If you want to promote Yoonla there is a 100% free way and a paid way (with necessary tools).

  • Paid way [VIP member]

This normally costs $297 but right now, it’ FREE.

There are some things required in order to set up your Yoonla system that will be making you the money, once you start driving the targeted traffic.

You can pay for it if you want but it’s not mandatory (You’ll be paid up to $4 per lead and 60% of commissions).

Remember the payment is required only for the tools (Getresponse, Hosting & a Domain name), not for the Yoonla membership.

You’ll get approved instantly if you are using the paid way.

  • Free way

But if you decide to not pay for anything, you’ll need to get manually approved for its affiliate program and also the amount that you’d be able to earn from Yoonla will decrease by 50%, this means you’ll get paid up to $2 per lead and 30% of commissions for every sale generated through your lead.

With this method, you won’t be able to send emails to your list or set up a lead capture page.


My results

review yoonla cpa marketing


  • $14 in the first week 

So I started using Yoonla from 7 days from now and so far I’ve made $14 in commissions. You can have a look at the screenshot from below.

I used a FREE traffic source in order to generate these leads and the results are pretty good in my opinion, In the coming time if everything went well, I’ll be scaling things and hopefully, I’ll be making more commissions.


  • No payment for the leads from India & Pakistan

As I told you earlier, the program does not pay for the leads from India & Pakistan so I didn’t get paid for generating those leads. From the US & the Great Britain, I was able to earn $4 per lead.


My recommendation

I would personally recommend you to first of all sign up for free, go through all the training and then try the free way for a few days, If you think you’re getting the results, go purchase the required tools and simply double your commissions.

Tools like Getresponse and Leadpages will allow you to build a relationship with your list and being able to freely interact with your list could help you to make some serious money.


Create your FREE Yoonla account from here


I’ve also made a couple of videos on it:

Sign Up for Yoonla from here: https://app.yoonla.com/evolve#a_aid=595f2ce722f10


My Yoonla Review


Yoonla Earnings proof



Click here to Join Yoonla

So yes, this is something that I wanted to share with you, hopefully, you found this information valuable. Feel free to drop down your queries in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to help you out 🙂

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