Yoonla Review & My Results with Earnings Proof

Yoonla Review 2018: Today, In this post I’ll be sharing with you, my personal experience with Yoonla.

I’ll be covering What is it and Does it actually work or not and also the results I got with it.


Yoonla Review

yoonla review

What is Yoonla?

So Yoonla is basically a CPA marketing program that pays up to $4 per lead and besides this,  they also pay 60% of commissions through the sales generated from your leads.

Yoonla pays:-

  • Top tier 1  countries – $4 per lead
  • Top tier 2 countries – $2 per lead
  • Top tier 3 countries – $2 per lead

Countries like – India, Pakistan etc. are excluded.

A few of the countries are excluded and you won’t get paid for the leads generated from those countries but If they buy some product within the Yoonla membership area, you’ll be paid 60% of the commissions.


What all you get inside the Yoonla foundation program?

yoonla review 2017


  • Free Training

Inside the Yoonla membership area, you get access to some pieces of training that will show you exactly what you need to do in order to capture leads effectively and efficiently without any wastage and convert them into sales.

Training is actually really good, watch all the videos as you’ll be provided with the amazing value and that too for free


Do you need to pay for anything?

Yoonla membership is 100% Free. Now, If you want to promote Yoonla there is a 100% free way and a paid way (with necessary tools).

  • Paid way [VIP member]

DO NOT PAY ANYTHING. I’ve had my account shut down & $700 commissions declined. Just get the free training.

Yes, I got these results earlier but now it seems like that they’ve run out of money. So they’ve started terminating accounts.



My Results (Doesn’t matter now)

I did earn almost $297 from Yoonla. However, Recently, they’ve started disabling accounts. Many of the people who trusted Yoonla, Invested in it & the paid ads have had their account shut down without any reason. In their recent email, they told me that my account has been shut down due to me violating the Yoonla Affiliate agreement.

I asked them how did I violate the agreement and they are not responding to my emails. I had just invested $150 in the paid ads and that has turned out to be a 100% loss to me.

I am 100% sure that I haven’t violated the Yoonla Affiliate agreement. I had over $700 in pending commissions but again they’ve declined all my commissions.

But its time to move on, I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be investing any more in programs like Yoonla.


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