4 Percent Group Legit or SCAM? TRUTH IS REVEALED!

So you’re here because you want to know whether the 4 percent group is legit or not? I’ve been a member of the 4 percent group for almost 2 months now and I’ll be telling should you join the 4 percent group or not, Is the 4 percent group legit?

Stick till the end of the post and I’ll be telling you what you’ll get with it and my personal experience.

IS THE 4 Percent Group Legit ?

4 percent group legit

  • First, let me explain, what the 4 percent group is exactly.

So, the 4 percent group is a combination of pieces of training and a SYSTEM. The training in the 4 percent group basically aims at helping people who’re just getting started in the field of internet marketing. 4 percent group is made in mind to help anyone who is struggling to make money on the internet.

Vick is the founder of the 4 percent group, he is one of the top affiliate marketers in the entire industry. In the 4 percent group, he gives you the training on how to start from scratch and start making money.

He tells you the exact planning that the members need to follow (step by step). He provides us with the system that anyone can use to earn from up to 8 to 9 companies by just promoting the 4 percent group.


What kind of people can benefit from the 4% group?

  • People Struggling to make money online
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Complete Beginners

What trainings do you get in the 4 percent group?

  • 7 Steps To Results
  • $100,000 in 90 days
  • Tecmastermind
  • much more.

7 Steps to Results & $100k in 90 days

So first you need to follow the 7 steps to results guide, where you need to follow the 7 steps in order to hit the ground running. As soon as you follow the 7 steps, you’re ready to start making money. In these steps, you’re taught how to set up your payment accounts, set up funnels, autoresponders for sending emails, activate multiple streams of income (system).

Multiple Streams of Income is basically a system in the 4% group which allows us to earn from up to 9 different sources. Most of these companies pay on recurring basis which ultimately helps you making money in the long term.

The 7th step is to get your ‘$100K Training’. So this is basically a series of episodes where Vick sets a goal to achieve $100,000 in the period of 90 days from SCRATCH. He sets up everything from scratch and shows whatever he does in order to achieve that milestone. The episodes are unscripted and unedited so that you can also see what he is doing exactly.

In the 100K training, he signs up for a new autoresponder account, sets up his new domain name, sets up a funnel to capture leads and then he drives traffic to the link.

He sets 2 plans to earn $100k in 90 days. He even says that he would easily surpass the $200,000 price mark in profits after 90 days.



First of all, 4 percent group is legit it’s not a scam.

Many people are already crushing with the help of the 4 percent group. Now, will you be able to make money with the help of the 4 percent group? Well, my answer to this is, it totally depends on you.

If you follow all the steps as prescribed in the training and implement everything wisely, There’s no chance why the 4 percent group won’t make you the money.

4 percent group

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