4 Percent Group Scam? Don’t BUY Before Seeing this!

4 Percent Group Scam: So is the 4 percent group a scam? or does it really help in making money? I’ve been a member of the 4% group for almost 2 months now & I’ve gone through all its videos & system. Read below carefully and make your DECISION wisely.


4 percent group Scam

4 percent group scam

Before buying the 4% group membership, you need to know what it is exactly? You can’t just blindly buy any program or membership just because people are giving positive feedback about it. They might be doing this in order to make commissions from you, you simply can’t trust anybody.

At the end of the day what matters is – Did you find any value in it & Were you able to make any money through it?


What is 4 percent group exactly?

Now, Vick is the founder of the Four percent group. He is one of the top affiliate marketers out there in the industry. In the 4% group, you’ll find stuff like – a lot of video tutorials, guides and most importantly the SYSTEM that can help you generate some serious money (See below).


What type of people can benefit from it?

  • Anyone interested in making money by giving proper time.
  • People struggling on the internet to make money.
  • Internet marketers.
  • Online businessmen.

What will you learn FROM the 4 percent group?


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email marketing (basic)
  • Traffic strategies
  • How To use tracking links.
  • & much more!

Pieces of Training in the 4 percent group

  • 7 Steps to results guide.
  • $100k in 90 days training.
  • Tecmastermind (Make $4800 per sale)
  • And much more.

7 Steps to Results

So in the ‘7 steps to results’ guide, Vick provides us with a step by step process that we can use in order to EARN from 8 to 9 different companies by simply promoting the 4 percent group. He gives a brief introduction of what all you’ll be learning, why only the 4% of people will succeed, Why people fail and other such stuff.

After this, he tells us about the 7 steps that we need to follow in order to get started and make money. He provides us with a SYSTEM that can literally help you to earn from 7-9 different sources just by promoting the 4 percent group.

He makes us signup for Multiple Streams Of income & Create our affiliate account for 7 to 9 companies that we will get paid.

The maximum commission that you can earn from the 4% group is $4800 per sale (through tecademics). You can get paid by the following companies:

  • Getresponse
  • Aweber
  • Clickfunnels
  • Tecademics
  • Clickbank
  • Namecheap
  • Clickmagic
  • Udimi
  • & two more…

He tells us how we can setup our funnels and then the last step is to start our $100k training. This is where I personally got a lot of knowledge about Internet marketing.


$100k in 90 days

So in this training, Vick who is the founder of the 4% group sets a goal to reach the target of earning $100,000 in 90 days from scratch. He does everything from scratch in front of the camera. No scripting and unedited videos. He has already made 8 episodes on it. Every episode has videos of 2-3 hours long videos. He tells the exact strategy that he’ll be using to earn over $100k in 90 days.

In fact, he tells that he is easily going to surpass the mark of $200,000 which is completely INSANE but at the same time seems to be ACHIEVABLE with his strategy.


Is 4 percent group a scam?

Absolutely not. It is 100% legitimate.


Will you be able to make money with the 4 percent group?

Depends on you completely. They provide you with all the System & the necessary training. It depends on you – how much time & hard work you put in. The SYSTEM is really powerful and has the potential of making you some serious money.


4 percent group

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My Review of the 4% group.


4 percent group

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Join the Four Percent Group as a PRO level member and get access to the MEGA Bonus that you won’t find anywhere else (remember you have to join the four percent group from the link below and become a PRO level member)


and there’s even more!


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