Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2019 – How I Made $100 in 1 Month

So in today’s post, I am going to be showing you How I made over $100 from Amazon in 1 month for free and what strategies/techniques did I use for this. So I hope that you’re gonna find this post to be helpful for you!

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2019 – How I Made $100 in 1 Month

Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2019

So I did a little over $146 in 1 month, I used the free organic traffic in order to make this possible.

Amazon is the #1 E-commerce store in the world but if you want to make money with Amazon without holding any inventory then you need to try its affiliate marketing program.

What this allows you to do is generate your unique affiliate link and get paid for anything that is bought from your link in 24 hours. Yes, if a user goes through your link and buys anything from Amazon in 24 hours, you’re gonna get paid.

What did I do to earn $146 in 1 month?

Firstly, I have multiple small YouTube channels and all I did was to upload an existing video from a popular brand about its newly launched product. I uploaded like 15 Youtube videos from existing channels (and didn’t monetize them to remain on the safe side 😛 )

I saw that not many people had made a video about that product so I decided to simply re-upload the video with the relevant title, keywords, description and tags.

And that seemed to have worked, I got paid some really good commissions for that month.

What should you do (to model this)?

Upload videos on the newly launched products with proper title, description, and your affiliate link.

for e.g. let’s say a new product gets released in the market from a popular brand, you can add keywords like buy, review, best buy link etc. in the title and that should do the job for you.

This method is good for beginners and for those who want to make some side income without putting in much work 🙂

PS: if you want me to make a video on this topic then let me know in the comments section below!

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