eCommerce Mastery Review (Andrew Ethan Zeng Course)

eCommerce Mastery Review (Andrew Ethan Zeng Course): Alright, in today’s post, I’m going to be showing you my review of Andrew Ethan Zeng’s course i.e. eCommerce Mastery Review in 2020. I’ll be telling you who is Andrew Ethan Zeng, what does his course has and Is it really worth the investment or not?

I’ve tried to keep this post as short as possible and to the point, In case you have any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

eCommerce Mastery Review (Andrew Ethan Zeng Course)

Who is Andrew Ethan Zeng?

So Andrew Ethan Zeng is another young entrepreneur YouTuber who’s in Shopify dropshipping and making money online. His channel has over 36,000 subscribers which at such a young age is a big achievement for anyone. He makes beginner-friendly YouTube videos on his channel so that newbies can get inspire and start their journey with dropshipping.

Andrew owns multiple 6 figures businesses and has helped his client to achieve up to 7 figures in returns!

eCommerce Mastery Course Content

His course content is divided intor 4 weeks:

Week No.0

In this Andrew welcomes you and talks about mindset and why is it important for building a successful eCommerce business. You’ll also get to know about his personal journey with e-commerce, the techniques that helped him make a lot of money, and the overview of the course.

Week No.1

This week, you’ll be learning all the basic stuff like how to build up your store, the simple logo creation method, setting up your Shopify store, and the backend. You’ll also get to know how you can add the products to your store in just a matter of a few minutes. You’d need to pickup a good domain for your store so that it looks professional, and you’ll also be getting to know about some important apps that are required for increasing the revenue and more!

Week No.2

In the week no.2, you’ll get familiar with Facebook ads and Instagram Influencer ads and how to run them to drive paid traffic to your website. He’s gonna show his personal case study and his facebook ad account in the course, then you’ll also be learning about how to reach to the Instagram Influencer and run ads with them. Email marketing is also important and you’ll also be learning about it.

Week No.3

Week No.3 is all about Print on Demand, which is gonna allow you to print your unique designs on T-shirts or apparel. You’ll get to know about the branding tactics, Optimization, best POD suppliers and much more.

Week No.4

Now, this week is about private labeling, this can be done once you’ve find your winner and you want to take your business to the next level with proper branding, With private labeling, you’d be able to print your own custom logo on your products, get private packaging, set up warehouses in countries like USA and more. You’ll also get to know the difference between white labelling and private labelling.

Is it really worth the Investment?

The course will be available to the general public pretty soon

eCommerce Mastery Alternative

What If I am an Experienced dropshipper and I’ve been failing with my dropshipping store?

If you’re someone who already has had some experience with dropshipping and is failing to make it profitable then I would recommend you to read the eCom Blueprint review by Gabriel St Germain, which I think is the best course for the intermediates who’re struggling to scale their dropshipping stores to the next level.

It is a couple of case studies based course, which shows everything from his exact stores, Facebook ads, Instagram influencer ads, his strategies for scaling via Facebook and how he runs his dropshipping stores successfully, what he did to scale them to 6 to 7 figures consistently!

So I hope that you found this post on ‘Arie Scherson’s course review’’ to be helpful. Let us know in case you have any queries regarding this post!


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