Arie Scherson Course Review (eCom Inner Circle 2020)

Arie Scherson Course Review (eCom Inner Circle 2020) – So in today’s post, I am going to be doing the review of Arie Scherson’s course i.e. eCom Inner Circle review in 2020. After going through this post, you’ll be able to know – who is Arie Scherson?, What does his course has to offer? and is it really worth the investment or eCom Inner Circle is a scam?

So I hope that you will find this post to be helpful to you.

Arie Scherson Course Review: eCom Inner Circlearie scherson's course review

Who is Arie Scherson?

Arie Scherson is an entrepreneur and a pretty popular YouTuber who’s into Shopify and dropshipping. He has done over 7 figures in dropshipping with his partner Tyler, and currently has over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube! An year and a half ago, he actually started a dropshipping store and took it to 6 figures and revealed it in his YouTube videos. I watched his videos on it, he sold some fish accessory which made him make that much money.

So definitely, this guy knows what he talks about in his YouTube channel and he’s launched his course i.e eCom Inner Circle last year, and let me talk about his course’s content now.

Arie Scherson Course Content (eCom Inner Circle)

Section 1: Warm Welcome

This section just provides you with some introduction, the link to a private group where are the paid members exclusively get the access and a video on how you can exactly contact the eCom Inner circle support team in case you need some help after you get the course.

Section 2: The Foundation

This section includes videos on how to sell online, the type of store you should pick in order to be profitable, conversion rate hacks, how to add products to your store – step by step and how to exactly create your store the right way and other basic stuff you need to keep in mind while setting up your store! You’ll also be seeing some tips and tricks on how to enhance your product page in order to make it more professional and attractive.

Section 3: Finding Your Winning Products

Now, this section is concerned with finding your winning product which basically means that product that’s gonna be profitable for you and help you in taking your store to the next level. Arie in these videos shows you his personal methods of finding these type of products so that you actually know the traits of such types of products and make sure that you select the right product before you start running ads.

Section 4: Instagram Influencer Marketing

In the section number 4, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of influencer marketing for Instagram and how you can exactly find profitable Instagram influencers so that you can get the highest possible return on your investment. Also, you’ll be learning about his Organic Instagram traffic strategy.

Section 5: The Art Of Facebook Ads

The testing strategy that you should use while testing your product via Facebook ads, how to organize your ads and some basic calculation that you should always keep in mind while you’re testing your product so that you know at what point you’d be profitable. One of the major problems while scaling is that sometimes the facebook ad might stop performing, Arie shows you how you can fight with your Facebook ad inconsistencies.

Section 6: Facebook Ad Testing

How to create your Facebook business manager so that you can actually start running your ads, How to set up your Facebook brand page, steps that need to be taken while creating your Facebook ads, creating your video ad, and good ad copy. Then once you get to the scaling phase, what exactly needs to be done so that you don’t face further problems that almost every new drop shipper faces.

Section 7: Advanced Facebook Ads

Once you’ve found some success with your initial Facebook advertisement then the next step is to scale it to the next level with optimized scaling. You’ll be learning stuff about LLAs and Custom audiences which are probably the best types of audiences that you can get for your store as these are proven to work well than most of the other normal targeting. You’ll be learning about manual scaling as well and you’ll also be getting to know about his 5 figure day with Facebook ads and Shopify and how he scaled his store from 0 to $50,000 in 60 days. Also, you’ll be learning about the CBO scaling strategy.

Section 8: Building ‘Back End’ Systems

Having a strong backend system is really important and if you’ve not done the proper setting up of your backend, then you might be leaving some money on the table if you’re already having traffic on your store. In this section, Arie teaches you the stuff like Abandoned cart recovery, price upsells, Facebook Messenger automated chats etc. that is gonna help you in getting an increased amount of customers.

Section 9: Building A Long Term Business

  1. Branded Dropshipping: A Blue Ocean Approach (29:11)
  2. Slow And Strategic Ad Strategy (4:50)
  3. Building Your ‘A’ Team (12:48)
  4. Creating Your Own Unique Content (4:29)
  5. Brand Awareness: Affiliate Programs (6:44)
  6. Bookkeeping: Our Profit And Loss Sheet (6:32)
  7. Our Sourcing Agent (6:14)

Once a product has proven to be successful, you can also think about branding which again is gonna help in taking your store to the next level. He’ll be teaching you some of his personal strategies and how you can build your own team, unique content, start affiliate programs and learn about sourcing agents so that you don’t have to rely on Aliexpress sellers.

Section 10: Student Resources

In the student’s resources, you’ll be getting stuff like Email sequencers, store launch checklist, negative word list, epacket countries, countries to exclude, some amazing articles, Inner circle agents, inspiration, and much more!

eCom Inner Circle Course Scam or not?

No, eCom Inner circle is not a scam, you actually can learn a lot from his course and the course costs only $197. If you love Arie’s content then you can go ahead and get his course, however, I think there’s a couple of better alternatives available in the market!

Arie Scherson’s Course Alternatives:

What If I am an Experienced dropshipper and I’ve been failing with my dropshipping store?

If you’re someone who already has had some experience with dropshipping and is failing to make it profitable then I would recommend you to read the eCom Blueprint review by Gabriel St Germain, which I think is the best course for the intermediates who’re struggling to scale their dropshipping stores to the next level.

It is a couple of case studies based course, which shows everything from his exact stores, Facebook ads, Instagram influencer ads, his strategies for scaling via Facebook and how he runs his dropshipping stores successfully, what he did to scale them to 6 to 7 figures consistently!

So I hope that you found this post on ‘Arie Scherson’s course review’’ to be helpful. Let us know in case you have any queries regarding this post!

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