Top 5 Best FREE Website Traffic Sources 2017

Top 5 Best FREE Website Traffic Sources 2017: Are you struggling to drive traffic to your website? Don’t worry, today I’ll be sharing with you, my 5 best free traffic sources that I use in order to drive traffic to all my websites.


Best Free Website Traffic Sources 2017


Best FREE Website Traffic Sources 2017

Now, Quora is a Q&A website which gets millions of views every single day. By answering the questions related to your niche and by providing MASSIVE value, you could easily drive free traffic to your website.

Just make sure to include the link to your website at the end of your every answer. Remember, Don’t SPAM, people won’t click on your link if you do that and eventually, you may get banned.

Again, focus on providing VALUE in your answers, that’s the KEY. Keep the answers to the point and recommend people to check out your website at the end of your every answer (if it’s relevant to the question).

I’ve been posting on Quora for quite a while now and last month, my answers got over 3500 views! I didn’t SPAM and focused on providing VALUE which was the reason I was also able to get some sales as well through my website.

Also, don’t post Affiliate Links directly in Quora as it is against their TOS. Make a blog post which already has the affiliate link and drive traffic to it. This way you won’t be violating any of their rules.

Tip 1: Look for the questions which are getting lots of views and give them the priority.
Tip 2: Try to answer at least 15-20 questions every single day, try this for 30 days and I assure you, you’ll see free traffic coming onto your website!



FREE Website Traffic Sources

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. It gets millions of searches every single day. I am personally able to drive around 400 – 500 visitors from YouTube on to my website, every single day.

My recommendation for you would be to start uploading videos on YouTube if you can. I still haven’t found a better way of driving traffic to my website.

This is my no.1 recommended traffic source for you guys because it is much easier to rank on YouTube if we compare it to Google and Video is the best way of marketing any product (if you’re into affiliate marketing).

Google take months to rank videos on its search engine. YouTube does it within 2-3 days or sometimes even the same day when you upload the video.

Consistency is the key. Don’t expect your first 5-10 videos to drive views for you. Keep uploading consistently, Upload 30 – 40 videos and then expect some visitors to land on your website.

Again, make sure your videos are interesting and can help other people!



Best FREE Website Traffic

Twitter is another great free website traffic source, what I do is, I simply follow the people who are related to the niche of my website.

Around 30%  (on avg.) of them follow me back, as soon as they follow me I send them a direct message which is AUTOMATICALLY sent with the help of a website called Crowdfireapp. In that message, I explain them about my website/product that I am promoting and I simply include the link to it in the message.

If you’re going to spam, you won’t be successful. Make sure, the people you are sending messages to are getting some kind of value. Also don’t follow more than 75 people a day, to be on the safer side.

Twitter doesn’t like this follow and follow back thing. It may ban your account if you are following hundreds of people every single day.

Once you’ve enough people following you, you can then promote anything you want by posting onto your wall.



Top 5 Best FREE Website Traffic Sources 2017

Now Facebook is another really great way of promoting your website for free. You can join Facebook groups related to your niche and promote your website there.

Joining a Facebook group is really easy. I see a lot of people in different Facebook groups spamming all over and getting not even a single click onto their link. You don’t want to be one of those people.

You want to build a trust amongst the people in that group by providing value and not by doing something that all others are already doing.

Also, once you join the groups related to your niche, don’t post the same message in the every group. Make sure your messages don’t look like a SPAM.

Now another thing that you can do is to send people friend requests that are interested in your niche. Don’t overdo this, try to keep this process natural.



Top FREE Website Traffic Sources

Now, some people say Instagram is even powerful than Facebook if you want Mobile traffic onto your website. There are millions of people on Instagram and in my opinion, it’s better than Twitter.

You get a lot more engagement on Instagram. Recently, I created a brand new Instagram account and I followed around 800 people, out to those 800 people 400+ people actually followed me back, which is 20% more than what I got with my twitter account.

Also, I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed, it’s much easier to get likes on the Instagram posts.



FREE Website Traffic Sources 2017

Google is the no.1 search engine. If your site ranks on the first page of google, for some profitable keyword, you can become RICH within days!

But the problem with google is that it takes months to rank a normal website and due to so much competition, it is very hard to rank on the first page of google.

I would recommend you to rank for the keywords which have very low competition but very high searches simply because you can rank for it and if your site ranks on the first page of google, you can expect the free traffic on your website for months.



Traffic Sources 2017

I hope you’re building an email list, If not DO IT. I strongly recommend you to build an email list! Also, make sure to add a popup or a widget where people can Subscribe to your emails.

What this will do is whenever someone comes onto your website and if he genuinely likes your content, he may subscribe to your email list and after this, you can send them automatic emails providing massive VALUE and you can also monetize them by helping people or recommending the product that would genuinely help them.


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Let me know if you guys have any queries in the comments section, I’ll be happy to help you out 🙂


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