CB Passive Income Vs 4 Percent Group 2018 – Which is better?

So, I’ve tried both of the programs and here are some of the major differences between the two:-

CB Passive Income Vs 4 Percent Group in 2018

Availability and Listing

Cb Passive Income – It is listed on the Clickbank and anyone can promote it.

4 percent group – Not everyone can promote it, you have to be a member to do so.

The payment can be made through Clickbank but you won’t find it anywhere in its Marketplace as it is kept private by the founder so that only a member of 4 percent group can promote it. The payment can also be made through Clickbetter.


Cb Passive Income – $47  per month  / $97 one time (lifetime)

4 percent group – $50 per month / $997 one time (lifetime)

So the monthly pricing does not have that much of a difference but if you have a look at the pricing for the lifetime membership, there’s a huge difference.


What will you learn?


With the CB passive income, you’ll mainly learn things like How To Drive Traffic to your affiliate link (both paid & free methods).

With the Four percent group, you’ll learn almost all the things that you’d need to know in order to become a successful person on the internet and make money! You’ll learn, How To build a landing page, drive traffic, how to get started with email marketing, how to generate $100k in 90 days (9 episodes).


With the CB passive income program, all the promotions will be done by the founder himself, for e.g he’ll send the emails to your list, the only thing that you’ll need to do is to drive traffic to their landing page and the rest will be managed by the founder or his team.

With the Four percent group, you don’t have to be dependent on anyone as you’ll be learning everything from scratch. You’ll be able to build a relation with your list through email marketing, and you’ll be able to promote any offer of your choice, which will make you not depend on anyone. You’ll be learning how to build a landing page from scratch which could also help you a lot in making money in the long term.


With the CB Passive Income, you can earn from only one source, that is only by promoting it. You’ll be paid 50% commission for every sale.

With the Four percent group, you can earn from not one or two but 7 different companies, you may be wondering what makes this possible… Well, it’s the SYSTEM in the 4 percent group which makes this possible. You can earn up to $4800 in commissions from a sale. Which is pretty Insane.


Time required

Of course, the 4 percent group will require more time as you’ll be learning everything from scratch.


Click here to join the CB Passive Income


My recommendation.

I would recommend you to join the four percent group as this is one of the best programs that can make you a lot of money in the long term. If you do everything right, you should be able to cover all your costs within the first 60 days. Go with $50 per month, try it and then if you get the results, become a lifetime member.

Also, here’s my review of the 4 percent group.

Also, I want to mention here that you’ll need to work hard, to achieve your desired results. You’ll be getting the proper training, so it all depends on you, how hard and smart you work.  If you can’t do this, my friend… don’t purchase it.



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