eCom Beast Review (2.0): Harry Coleman Course Worth it?

eCom Beast Review 2020: Alright, In today’s post, I am going to be doing the review of the eCom Beast 2.0 course by Harry Coleman. After reading this post, you’ll be learning stuff like who exactly is Harry Colemen, what does his course offers? and is it really worth the investment or eCom Beast 2.0 is a scam?

I’ve tried to keep this post as short as possible and to the point.

eCom Beast Review (2.0): Harry Coleman Course Worth it?

eCom Beast 2.0 review

Who is Harry Coleman?

Harry Coleman is well known for his helpful YouTube videos that he produces on Shopify dropshipping. He is an entrepreneur who runs multiple 6 figures stores and has done over 7 figures with e-commerce. He’s got over 50,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

There was a time when he used to work as a Toilet cleaner but now the time has changed and as I said earlier, he runs multiple 6 figures stores which is a big achievement for anyone who’s coming up from that level. He’s also been featured on Oberlo and knows how to make dropshipping work!

eCom Beast 2.0 Course Content

This course (V3) includes step by step over 140 videos, you’ll be learning stuff like how to make Facebook ads work by going through 7 figures Facebook ads academy training.

Also, you’ll be getting access to Email templates that you can easily copy and paste, step by step email marketing training, Google Ads Training, Private Inner circle and much more!

  •  Section 1 – Mindset: Learn about the mindset that you need to have before you start watching the course. You’ll know what it takes for you to be successful in your life.
  • Section 2 – Building Your Store: This section is concerned with how to exactly build your store from scratch, what pages are required to start running your Shopify stores, product pages, homepage setup, theme set up, apps that are required, and more!
  • Section 3 – Product Research Academy:  You’ll be learning stuff like how to find winning products directly via Facebook, what characteristics the product should have and important things to keep in mind.
  • Section 4 –  Taking Your Store To The Next Level: After this, you’ll be learning stuff like how can you exactly increase the conversion rate of your store in order to increase revenue once you’ve found your winning product.
  • ​ Section 5 – Facebook Ads Academy: This section is concerned with Facebook ads, how to take your product from 0 to 5 figures and then again scale to the next level.
  •  Section 6 – Back-end Email Profits: How to use email marketing to earn revenue in the backend over a period of time by the right type of email sequences that are provided inside the course which you can copy and paste.
  • Section 7 – Business Operation & Growth: This is concerned with outsourcing your work and managing the growth part effectively so that you can focus on the most important things of the business.
  • Section 8 – Google Ads Academy:  In this, you’ll also be getting a step by step training on Google ads and how this method can get you insane ROAS by just setting up your ad in the right way!

– The cost of the cost right now is $497

This course has training on both – Google ads, as well as the Facebook ads and that too the training, is in-depth, on top of this the price of this course has also been reduced recently from $997 to $497 but I still think the content in this course is really really powerful.

eCom Beast Scam or Worth it?

I think if money is not that big of a factor for you then you can go and grab this course for $497, and yes, the content he produces is pretty amazing.

eCom Beast Best Alternative

This is the best value for money training on Dropshipping, in my opinion, if you’re looking for an alternative of eCom Beast course then this (ecom elites) is better because it covers all the basic stuff and is 100% Beginner Friendly. Besides Google Ads and Facebook Ads training, you also get access to FREE Traffic training, Instagram Influencer ads training, and much more!

What If I am an Experienced dropshipper and I’ve been failing with my dropshipping store?

If you’re someone who already has had some experience with dropshipping and is failing to make it profitable then I would recommend you to read the eCom Blueprint review by Gabriel St Germain, which I think is the best course for the intermediates who’re struggling to scale their dropshipping stores to the next level.

It is a couple of case studies based course, which shows everything from his exact stores, Facebook ads, Instagram influencer ads, his strategies for scaling via Facebook and how he runs his dropshipping stores successfully, what he did to scale them to 6 to 7 figures consistently!

So I hope that you found this post on ‘eCom Beast Review (2.0): Harry Coleman Course Worth it?’ to be helpful. Let us know in case you have any queries regarding this post!

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