eCom Blueprint Review: Gabriel St Germain Dropshipping Course – $50 OFF!

So in today’s post, I am going to be doing the review of Gabriel St Germain’s Shopify Dropshipping Course which basically is a case study on How he made over $1,000,000 in sales using his 1 product drop shipping store. You may want to know whether his strategies really work or Ecom Blueprint is a scam…

Is it really worth the investment? Check out my detailed review from below. I personally went through his course and here’s what I found out…

Ecom Blueprint Review – Gabriel St Germain Dropshipping Course!

eCom Blueprint Review

First of all, if you do not know who is Gabriel then let me tell you he is a 20-year old guy and runs multiple successful 6-7 figures Shopify dropshipping stores and you can pretty much say that he has cracked the code on how to run successful Shopify dropshipping stores.

His first drop shipping store i.e. – www.beautycharcoal.com did well over $1M in sales.

He also runs a YouTube channel where he talks about drop shipping and other related things.

What all you get Inside Gabriel’s case study course?

gabriel st germain course review

Inside the course, you’ll be getting access to the various modules:

1. Introduction

In this category, you’ll be shown – Why Most people fail with Drop shipping, Legal Notice (Important), An overview of the Case study course and the request to join the private Ecom blueprint group. (that only paid members can access).

2. Mindset for Success

Not a lot of people talk about this but Gabriel thinks in order for you to be successful you need to have the right mindset – He shows why Mindset is important, the compound effect, self-reliance, the one thing, and some book recommendations.

3. Product Selection criteria

In this, Gabriel shows the exact strategy that he uses to select the proven winning product that can work. In this category, he shows Criteria of selecting a winning product,  How he found a 7 figure winner, product validation method and product validation checklist.

4. Creation of One product store

Brand identity development,  Store design walkthrough, simple backend setup, Average order value optimization, first video a creation, Marketing strategy planning, a whole list of one product dropshipping stores. All this will allow you to see the apps that Gabriel uses, the techniques and much more.

5. Instagram Influencers Academy

In this category, Gabriel shows how to use Instagram to run Influencer ads successfully. You’ll be seeing videos on Types of Influencers, Brand profile setup, Making viral ads for Instagram, Finding pages and making deals and the power of micro-influencers.

6. Facebook Ads Blueprint

I can say that everything that you need to know about running Facebook ads successfully is covered in the category. Facebook Launch strategy, Scaling by grouping, Vertical scaling methods, Setting up the retargeting funnel, Creating successful drop shipping ads, Scaling to broad audiences, Fighting inconsistencies, taking advantage of the Facebook algorithm and Google Ads 6X Return on Adspend trick is covered in this category.

7. Store Automation and Operations

This consists of videos on – Structuring the customer service, Customer service templates, Automating order fulfillment, Sourcing agent contact and tips, Profit & Loss statement breakdown and Cashflow management.

8. Last Module

In this Gabriel concludes the course with Final words.

So Is this course right for you?

This course is not for beginners or those who are thinking about starting drop shipping. The Ecom Blueprint course by Gabriel is for those who have already been drop shipping since the 2 months at least!

If you’re a complete newbie and want to learn dropshipping then you can check out this course by Franklin Hatchett (I/’ve personally tried it out already).

Honestly telling, if you’re an intermediate drop shipper and you haven’t seen much success then this is probably one of the BEST investments that you can make currently as you will be getting to know about his store, store name, his facebook ads stats, the criteria that he uses to select successful drop shipping products, how to make videos ads, how to run Instagram influencer ads, mindset and much more.

So that’s about it for this post and I hope that you found this post to be helpful. In case you have any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Results of his Students

Gabriel St Germain Dropshipping Course coupon

ecom blueprint scam

and likewise, he has many other students…

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I’ve also made a YouTube video on Ecom Blueprint Review which you can check out from below:

This YouTube video is basically the summary of what I’ve talked about in this Blog Post!


Ecom Blueprint Review
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I think the course is great for intermediate drop shippers. You’ll be learning what it takes to make a successful drop shipping store and what strategies should you be using…

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