My eCom Blueprint Review 2.0 [What Results Did I Get? (Revealed)]

eCom Blueprint Review: I purchased Gabriel St Germain’s Shopify Dropshipping Course a few months back, which is a case study based course on how he made over $1,000,000 in sales using his 1 product dropshipping store and over $300,000 using his 2nd dropshipping store (in eCom Blueprint 2.0).

This post is going to be a complete In-depth review of eCom Blueprint. I’ve personally implemented his strategies onto my niche store which has a few products. Later in the post, you’ll find my results after implementing the strategies of Facebook ads that Gabriel teaches in his course.

I’ll also be revealing my product cost and the selling price of the product with some useful information. So Is it really worth the investment or eCom Blueprint is a scam? Find out from below now!

My eCom Blueprint Review 2.0 [What Results Did I Get? (Revealed)]

eCom Blueprint

What is eCom Blueprint?

This basically is a case study based course in which Gabriel reveals a couple of his successful dropshipping stores – one that generated over $1 million in the period of 5 months, and the other one generated over $300k within 2 months (approx. 20% profit for both) utilizing different paid traffic sources. However, the main traffic source for scaling his store was Facebook ads. In my eCom Blueprint Review, I’ll be going pretty in-depth so that in the end, you can make a wise decision.

In the member’s area, You’ll get to see behind the scenes on how he started these stores, ran the ads, and managed all the operations. He says that the goal of revealing his stores & strategies is to give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow and to help you be successful in the dropshipping space.

Who is Gabriel St Germain?

Gabriel St. Germain

First of all, if you do not know who is Gabriel then let me tell you he is a 21-year old guy and runs multiple successful 6-7 figures Shopify dropshipping stores. He dropped out of university to pursue entrepreneurship full time. Also he makes videos on dropshipping to help out individuals that are struggling in the eCommerce space!

And you can pretty much say that he has cracked the code on how to run successful Shopify dropshipping stores. His first dropshipping store did well over $1M in sales.

Why was Gabriel successful with his stores and what most people do?

One thing that I noticed in both the case studies is that, in both cases, he wasn’t profitable from the start while running Facebook ads, he had to spend money without being profitable for quite a few days. Now, most people quit at this time and lose hope when they see that they’re spending money and not getting any return back. Gabriel didn’t stop running the ads when he saw that his ads weren’t performing well initially.

Most people in such a scenario would say that they’re in loss and not getting anything from spending the money and would quit or move on to the next product. Well, here’s where the mindset of Gabriel comes into the play, he believes that initially, you need to purchase data by spending money on Facebook ads. Later on, he was able to take the same store to 7 figures with a good profit margin, and yes the product was pretty saturated. He also talks about how he fought with the ad inconsistencies and ad performance issues that he kept facing in between.

What all you get Inside Gabriel’s case study course?

Inside the course, you’ll be getting access to the various modules:

1. Introduction

ecom blueprint course

In this category, you’ll be shown – Why Most people fail with Dropshipping, Legal Notice (Important), An overview of the Case study course and the request to join the private eCom blueprint group. (that only paid members can access). Also, in the case study 1.0, he’ll be revealing his website and the product that did well over $1M in 5 months.

To be honest, I’ve gone through plenty of courses online but I’ve never seen someone revealing everything about their successful dropshipping stores. He shows the analytics when he actually started the store and what traffic source made him the most amount of revenue.

The profit margins that he was able to generate with this store were around 20% which means that the net profit of this store was over $200,000. He is gonna be revealing how he started the store, how he scaled it, the operations, how he fulfilled the orders to get fast shipping at cheap prices, the customer service, and much more!

2. Mindset for Success

ecom blueprint discount

Not a lot of people talk about this but Gabriel thinks in order for you to be successful you need to have the right mindset – He shows why Mindset is important, the compound effect, self-reliance, the one thing, and some book recommendations.

In this, he talks about the unrealistic expectations that people come up with due to marketers giving false information on what this lifestyle is like other than this he talks about the learning curve and that without proper mindset you will likely get discouraged and quit before succeeding.

3. Product Selection criteria

eCom Blueprint

In this, Gabriel shows the exact strategy that he uses to select the proven winning product that can work. In this category, he shows the Criteria for selecting a winning product,  How he found a 7 figure winner, product validation method, and product validation checklist.

He talks about the 3 factors that are necessary for finding a winning product and also gives some important tips.

4. One Product Store Creation

gabriel dropship course

Brand identity development,  Store design walkthrough, simple backend setup, Average order value optimization, first video a creation, Marketing strategy planning, a whole list of one product dropshipping stores.

All this will allow you to see the apps that Gabriel uses, the techniques, and how to create a brand by taking inspiration from other stores that he provides the list.

You’ll also know – how to create a successful dropshipping video ad and the software that he personally uses to create a viral video ad, tips, and tricks to make a video attractive. Gabriel also talks about why would a customer shop from your store and not from someone else, what customers perceive about your brand, should you go broad or narrow, how to build trust, and more!

5. Instagram Influencers Ads Academy

ecom blueprint review 2020

In this category, Gabriel shows how to use Instagram to run Influencer ads successfully. You’ll be seeing videos on Types of Influencers, Brand profile setup, Making viral ads for Instagram, Finding pages and making deals, and the power of micro-influencers.

He talks about types of influencers and reveals the influencers that he contacted and the results that he got from those influencers. Also, one of his Instagram Influencer ad got viral and made him a lot of money about which he goes in deep in the module.

6. Facebook Ads Blueprint and Facebook Ads 2.0 Blueprint

He spent quite a lot of money on his Facebook ad campaigns in order to make the store successful.

I can say that everything that you need to know about running Facebook ads successfully is covered in the category. Facebook Launch strategy, Scaling by grouping, Vertical scaling methods, Setting up the retargeting funnel, Creating successful dropshipping ads, Scaling to broad audiences, Fighting inconsistencies, taking advantage of the Facebook algorithm and Google Ads 6X Return on Adspend trick is covered in this category.

He tested quite a lot of video ads in the beginning and then scaled via the one that gave him the best results. He also talks about the problems that he went through in scaling when his ads stopped performing well for some time and what he did to overcome the problem and fight with the inconsistencies.

In Facebook Ads 2.0 Blueprint, Gabriel shows his new strategies on how he was able to make the other store successful as well by revealing what proven techniques he used.

7. Case Study 2.0

In this Gabriel reveals another store which he was able to take from 0 to $100,000+ in a few days, he reveals the exact theme, the domain, and everything! This product that he revealed kinda solved the similar problem that his first product did and is a quite over-saturated product in the market and if you’ve not been living under a rock :P,  you would already know about the product.

8. Store Automation and Operations

This consists of videos on – Structuring the customer service, Customer service templates, Automating order fulfillment, Sourcing agent contact and tips, Profit & Loss statement breakdown and Cashflow management.

9. Last Module

In this Gabriel concludes the course with Final words.

My Results

eCom Blueprint Review Results: I’ll be honest with you I tested a few products initially and failed to be profitable. However, now there’s one product that has made me profitable finally while running Facebook ads. There are certain characteristics that a product should have before you think about scaling it or promote it on Facebook. Gabriel talks about it and goes in-depth about it in his training. Since I used Gabriel’s strategies, I can’t go in deep talking about it in the blog post but what I did was that I initially came up with a video ad that I got from some popular page and edited it.

I made sure that everything was set up properly (the backend, email sequences & product page) and overall the store looked clean & professional. So I started running a Facebook ads, it showed promising results and then I kept on gathering the data by spending on Facebook ads and moved onto custom audiences quickly. I also have a quantity breaks app on my store which helped me in getting more sales. Using custom audiences, I was able to successfully generate a good amount of profit from the product.

  • My Product cost: $9
  • My Selling Price: $24.95
  • ROAS to break even: 1.56
  • My ROAS: 2.31.
  • Countries I targeted: USA, CA & UK

The profit margin’s around 2.5x as you’d be able to know from above and it’s a product that solves a common problem amongst women.


eCom Blueprint results

Facebook Ads Dropshipping Course

I used a couple of ad accounts which is why it’s showing the difference in the purchases conversions and also Facebook didn’t track all my conversions. And I’ve stopped running ads due to coronavirus and long shipping times.

So that’s about it for this post and I hope that you found this post to be helpful. In case you have any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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My Video Full Review course by Gabriel St Germain:

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So Is this course right for you?

The eCom Blueprint 2.0 course by Gabriel is for those who have already been dropshipping for quite a few days /months and haven’t seen much success. The Shopify Dropshipping course by Gabriel is probably one of the best investments that you can make currently as you will be getting to know about his stores, store names, his Facebook ads stats, the criteria that he uses to select successful dropshipping products, how to make video ads, how to run Instagram influencer ads, mindset and much more!

I personally loved his course and the value that he provided. Everything looks professional in the member’s area, the thumbnails and the videos are high-quality. He doesn’t over-exaggerate stuff and shows stuff that’s backed by the facts which make you trust more and believe in dropshipping and eCommerce. Gabriel is just 21 years old and he definitely knows how to scale his stores profitably to 6 & 7 figures.

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So if you decide to get this course, using my link then you’ll be getting access to all of my bonuses below and How I generated over $1000 with Youtube using free traffic with the help of my Shopify Store. eCom Blueprint case study course is not for beginners or those who are thinking about starting drop shipping. If you’re a complete newbie and want to learn dropshipping then you can check out this course by Franklin Hatchett (I’ve personally tried it out already).


eCom Blueprint 2.0

And more such bonuses (worth over $2,497 if you grab the course using the link below)

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eCom Blueprint Review: In case you have any queries regarding this post then feel free to message me on Facebook from here and I’ll respond to you in 24 hours! You can also contact me anytime at manik@passiontorise.com or on my Facebook page.


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