eCom Bootcamp 2.0 Review (Mohamed Camara’s Course)

eCom Bootcamp 2.0 Review: This course is made by Mohamed Camara one of the YouTubers that make videos on dropshipping, Shopify and how to make money online in 2020. In this post, I’m going to be covering stuff like who is Mohamed Camara, what is his course all about and Is it really worth investing in the course or is Mohamed Camara’s Shopify Dropshipping course is a scam?

eCom Bootcamp 2.0 Review (Mohamed Camara’s Course)eCom Bootcamp 2.0 Review

Before me telling you about his dropshipping course, let me first tell you who exactly is he?

Who is Mohamed Camara?

He is a 24-year-old young entrepreneur who now owns multiple businesses online. He opened his first online business with just $400 a day after graduating from college because he knew the 9-5 wasn’t for him. Since then, he made his first million dollars online and now teaches people how to become successful by making money. He has

  • YouTube
  • Instagram


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What do you get inside the eCom Bootcamp 2.0 course’s member’s area?

So the eCom Bootcamp 2.0 is a tested 6-week online implementation program that teaches beginners exactly how to build a dropshipping brand and make money in the long term from it.

Since this is a beginner-friendly course, it doesn’t require you to possess any specific skills, you should just know how to browse and use a computer. He shows you step by step how to create a dropshipping brand and turn it into a profitable Shopify store.

His main focus is to help you to make a profit passively so that you can get that freedom and work from anywhere in the world.

The course covers:

  • 6 Week Training Program
  • Community + Weekly Q&A Calls
  • $258,469 Email Marketing Templates
  • ​Lifetime access

Week 1: Finding Your 6-Figure Product

This video just shows you a simple way to find a winning product. You can easily find this content on youtube.

Week 2: The 24/7 Digital Salesman

What are the apps that you need to install in your Shopify store which will help you in improving your sales?

Week 3: Going to War

Before running ads and putting money for the promotion, you need to make sure that everything from your end is on point, the payment gateways are working, the product page is on point and looks professional, trust badges and more!

Week 4: Facebook Ads Mastery

This just includes some tips and tricks on how to learn Facebook ads – like how to create a Facebook ad account, what are adsets, metrics like CPC, CPM, ROAS, etc. You will also be learning about Facebook pixel which will allow you to track the visitors on the website and later on you can easily create lookalike audiences or custom audiences for scaling or retargeting your existing visitors that came to your website.However this now also includes Google Ads training (basic).

Week 5: Scale Scale Scale

Prior to scaling your product, you must be able to find a proven winning product that is fetching you profit consistently for the past few days/weeks. You want to be sure of the product before scaling otherwise you can lose a lot of money via scaling pretty easily if you do it in a wrong way. Just make sure that the product has proven to be profitable in the past few days and you are getting a good ROAS (return on ad spend) before you increase your adsets budgets!

Week 6: Branding

In order for your store to be successful in a long period of time, you need to do branding! Branding needs to be done from the starting, it helps the visitors to have a different image of your website from hundreds of thousands of websites online. Mohamed Camara shares some important tips and tricks regarding branding in his tutorial.
According to Mohamed Camara, this is what you’ll be learning:

What You’ll Learn

  • A Process That Works: Step by step process to help you build a profitable brand using your Shopify store.
  • A Strong Community: He says you’ll be able to connect with like-minded people in his Facebook group and thus build a strong community that will help you in motivation and stay positive throughout this journey.
  • Expert Mentorship: The owner of eCom Bootcamp has made 7-figures online so he knows what it takes to build a profitable income online, so he does have the right skills to mentor people!
  • Lifetime Support: You’ll be getting lifetime support for your purchase!


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eCom Bootcamp Review Conclusion

Is Mohamed Camara’s course really worth it? Should you invest in his course or not? The answer to this question is – If you love his content and don’t know much about setting up a Shopify store then yes you can buy his course but I think that there are better options available in the market. There are better Shopify dropshipping courses.

If you’re a complete beginner then you can go with one of the best beginner-friendly courses in my opinion that is Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites Course, which is much cheaper as well as has much more value than the course of  Mohamed Camara.

Best eCom Bootcamp 2.0 alternative:

eCom Elites Review by Franklin Hatchett

eCom Bootcamp 2.0 costs a whopping $497 which I personally think is pretty costly as you’re getting a much better deal and content with eCom Elites. You can check out my eCom Elites Review of Franklin Hatchett’s course from here. He also goes over, Google Ads in a much deeper way, how to get organic traffic via Search engine optimization and Google, Instagram and much more.

What If I am an Experienced dropshipper and I’ve been failing with my dropshipping store?

If you’re someone who already has had some experience with dropshipping and is failing to make it profitable then I would recommend you to read the eCom Blueprint review by Gabriel St Germain, which I think is the best course for the intermediates who’re struggling to scale their dropshipping stores to the next level.

It is a couple of case studies based course, which shows everything from his exact stores, Facebook ads, Instagram influencer ads, his strategies for scaling via Facebook and how he runs his dropshipping stores successfully, what he did to scale them to 6 to 7 figures consistently!


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