eCom Elites Review 2020 (Franklin Hatchett’s Course)

eCom Elites Review: So today, I am going to be telling you about the Franklin Hatchett’s Drop Shipping Course i.e. Ecom Elites, what all you get inside the course, the modules and is it really worth it or not.

Now without wasting your much time let me tell you that I’ve gone through quite a few courses online and this is one of the most interesting courses available on Shopify Dropshipping with Amazing Value at a very affordable cost. Franklin Hatchett who made this course has helped many including me to succeed online. He is amongst the most genuine guys (in the affiliate marketing / Shopify) industry.

eCom Elites Review (Franklin Hatchett’s Course) & $2.5K in Bonuses today!

Ecom Elites Review 2020

I have gone through his course – Ecom Elites and I can say that this is one of the best courses available on Shopify Drop shipping on the internet. His course has tons of videos and if you’re a beginner then Ecom Elites is the course that will help you in gaining A to Z knowledge on how to run Drop Shipping business from anywhere in the world.

You need to keep this in mind

Even though his course his good, that doesn’t mean you’ll succeed with Shopify Drop Shipping model. Whether you’ll succeed with Shopify Drop shipping or not depends entirely on you and what kind of a person you are. If you’re someone who expects that this course will make you a millionaire overnight then this isn’t that. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

If you’re looking to get rich quickly…

eCom elites review

This isn’t something that will make you rich overnight. You’ll need to work SMART do proper product research as Franklin shows in his course and run the right ads to the right people.

My Personal Suggestion – With Increasing Competition (Shopify Drop Shipping)

The competition in this field is increasing and if you want to succeed – I would request you to make a really good product video and test adsets wisely. What I think is that a Good Video ad is a must if you want to succeed with this model.

Fail Fail Fail ….. Succeed

Franklin hatchett's course review

Yes, you will fail initially but if you learn from your mistakes and follow Franklin strategies that he shows in his Course – There’s a strong chance of you succeeding!

What’s the Best Time to Start Your Shopify Drop Shipping Business?

With the Increasing competition, I can say the Best Time to Start Your Drop Shipping Business is Now! Don’t wait & Take action. This is THE Best Course on Shopify Drop Shipping that I have ever gone through!

What all you get inside the  Franklin Hatchett’s drop shipping course:


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This Course Includes the Following Modules : 

franklin hatchett drop shipping

Module 1:

Sourcing Products | In this foundational module, you’ll get over-the-shoulder training that shows you how to pick the exact right products to sell on your store. Finding the right suppliers is a key ingredient to successful drop shipping, so nailing this gets your online business off to a flying start!

Module 2:

Creating Your Store | Shopify is a great “storefront” technology, but there’s still work to set up your eCommerce store from scratch. You’ll be able to shortcut this process to get your store up and running in a flash. You’ll learn clever hacks to build maximum profit into the store while you’re setting things up.

Module 3:

Facebook Traffic | With your store now ready, it’s time to start making money! Master Facebook and unleash a flood of sales upon your online store. Learn how to pinpoint the perfect audience for your product range and locate buyers that will beg to give you money!

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Module 4:

Advanced Facebook Traffic | Ready to kick your Facebook marketing up a notch? Discover how to scale your traffic for exponentially growing audiences and sales. Automate your sales process so you don’t waste hours on non-revenue generating work. Implement some of my personal traffic methods to send your customers into a buying frenzy.

Module 5:

Instagram Traffic | Facebook isn’t the only game in town when it comes to marketing. This module shows you how to send truckloads of Instagram traffic straight to your high-converting offers. You’ll also see what you need to do to put your products in front of the right buyer, rather than blasting it out to everyone (and blowing $$$ in the process).

Module 6:

Organic Google Traffic | Search engines are a highway of super converting free traffic. In this module you’ll learn my SECRET strategy that opens the Google flood gates onto your store! This alone is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue. You’ll also discover how you can make this river of revenue a long term, sustainable source for your business.

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Module 7:

Email Marketing | Perhaps the most important tool in the marketer’s kit. Learn how to generate sales for free by using emails the right way! Set up a fully automated system that brings in sales and keeps your customers engaged whenever they see your emails in their inbox.

Module 8:

Business 101 | Inside this module you will learn everything you need to know the general business and how you can build out your very own team to scale your online business. You will learn how you run your business correctly!


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Franklin hatchett shopify course

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If you’re someone who’s struggling to become profitable with your shopify store and already have quite a bit of experience of dropshipping, I would suggest you to check out my full review of this case study based course with real store examples which will allow you to know about the tips & tricks that a 7 figure dropshipper himself uses. He’s gonna reveal his couple of stores with real insights and information that nobody else would ever reveal 🙂

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Ecom Elites Review (Franklin Hatchett’s Course) & $2.5K in Bonuses today: So thanks for reading this post. If you want to learn Shopify dropshipping at a very affordable cost from scratch then I would suggest you to get this course today with all my bonuses!

Franklin Hatchett's Shopify Course Review
  • Shopify Drop Shipping Ecom Elites Review


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