Ecomplaybook Blueprint Review [Nazerati’s Dropshipping Course]

Ecomplaybook Blueprint Review: Alright, In today’s post, I’m going to be doing the review of a brand new Shopify dropshipping course by Nazerati – one of the few women entrepreneurs who’s into Shopify Dropshipping and owns a YouTube channel. So, after reading this post, you’ll know who is Nazerati? What does her Course Ecomplaybook Blueprint v1.0 offers & the content and Is it really worth the investment or not?

Ecomplaybook Blueprint Review: Nazerati Dropshipping Course

Ecomplaybook Blueprint Review

Who is Nazerati?

Nazerati is one of the few women YouTubers who’s into Shopify dropshipping and has managed to make a good fortune using this model. She used to work at a Gym but her job didn’t give her the freedom that she wanted. She got into dropshipping a few years back and since then hasn’t looked back!

Nazerati has done well over 6 figures with dropshipping and now teaches this stuff on her YouTube channel which has over 6,000 subscribers.

Ecomblueprint Playbook course content


  • Setting up your store
  • What is dropshipping business model exactly?
  • Building & Designing your store
  • Product Page tactics for high conversion rate
  • Picking up High converting theme
  • Get it right as an E-commerce business owner!


  • Winning product selection criteria
  • How to spy on your competitors and find a winning product faster
  • Her top-secret of finding a winning product every week!



  • The secret of Facebook ads strategies
  • Step by Step creation of your video ads, thumbnails, ad copies for sales.
  • Set up your business manager and tools that keep your pixel clean and maximizes your sales



  • How to find the perfect audience on Facebook ads and sell your products
  • Her number one testing strategy when it comes to selling products on E-commerce
  • The one that most people never do when testing products!
  • Easy Way to determine if a product is a winning product or not!


  • The Top Scaling Method
  • Everything you need to know before you scale
  • Properly scale into other countries without messing up your pixel and data!


  • Creating and managing LLAs
  • The easy way to create automatic retargeting AND complete walkthroughs


  • Automate Your business and enjoy life!
  • Everything you need to outsource your online business
  • You’ll get access to her own personal suppliers I work with. not only you’ll get the best rate for the products but you’ll learn how to use USPS for your shipments

Is her course really worth it?

Her course costs $497, if you love Nazerita’s content then, by all means, feel free to buy her course, However, If I was in your place, I would’ve at least looked whether there are some better alternatives available or not.

I personally think that investing $497  and not being able to learn about the Instagram ads or Google ads sucks or FREE SEO traffic sucks! In my opinion eCom Elites (costs only $197) is the best step by step dropshipping course that you can get right now! This course is made by a YouTuber called Franklin Hatchett who has over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Best eCommerce Dropshipping Courses

  • eCom Elites (for beginners) – $197
  • eCom Blueprint 2.0 (for intermediates / advanced) – 2 real life case studies by revealing 6 and 7 figure stores – $397

What If I am an Experienced dropshipper and I’ve been failing with my dropshipping store?

If you’re someone who already has had some experience with dropshipping and is failing to make it profitable then I would recommend you to read the eCom Blueprint review by Gabriel St Germain, which I think is the best course for the intermediates who’re struggling to scale their dropshipping stores to the next level.

It is a couple of case studies based course, which shows everything from his exact stores, Facebook ads, Instagram influencer ads, his strategies for scaling via Facebook and how he runs his dropshipping stores successfully, what he did to scale them to 6 to 7 figures consistently!

So I hope that you found this post on ‘Matt Riley’s Private Inner Circle Review – Dropship Deluxe Course (Scam?)’ to be helpful. Let us know in case you have any queries regarding this post!

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