Facebook Free Shopify Sales After Running FB Ads (My #1 Trick)

Do you run Facebook ads or have you ever run Facebook ads for your eCommerce store? If yes, then sit back, relax, and read this full post as I’m gonna be revealing the secret trick that I use to generate some extra money from Facebook every single month. In the past month, I haven’t run any ads on Facebook but I’ve been getting some good chunk of revenue from the posts.

Facebook Free Shopify Sales After Running FB Ads (My #1 Trick)

Facebook Free Shopify Sales

So what I’m gonna tell you now, is a really simple way of how you could be getting free traffic to your website via Facebook by using your ad posts that have good engagements in their posts.

I haven’t run any Facebook ad in the past 1 month but this is the amount of revenue that I’ve generated from Facebook.

What did I do to drive traffic without running ads?

Well, I simply published all my Facebook ad posts (that are generally hidden and not published on the Facebook page) with a good amount of engagement on my Facebook page. And what’s the reason, of me getting the free traffic – Well, since my posts already had a good amount of engagements in them, Facebook started showing it organically to other people and which is the reason, I got these extra sales.

I’ve been using this trick for a while now, and If you don’t publish your Ad posts, then you should consider publishing them as that’s definitely gonna help you in increasing your revenue in the long-run and just make sure that it doesn’t have any copyrighted content.

What else could you do to increase sales via Free Facebook Traffic?

Publish stories regularly, do engaging Facebook posts, and share it with other relevant groups.

Facebook Free Shopify Sales with Shopify: So I hope that you found some value in this post, in case you have any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section below or simply message me on Facebook in case you need any help!

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