Four percent Group Review 2018 : The 4% Challenge, Pros & Cons.

So hi everybody, thank you for your time and reading this post. Today, I am going to be doing the review of the Four percent group. I’ll be covering stuff like what it is, how can it help you and Is the four percent group right for you?

I’ve been a member of the 4 percent group for almost 8 months. I had left the four percent group a few months back due to the huge update that took place inside it and I wasn’t quite sure whether to continue as the four percent group member or not.

I recently thought of giving another try as the 90% of the stuff that I know today about the Internet Marketing, I’ve learned it from Vick (the founder of the 4% group). Below is my full review of the four percent group.

Four percent Group Review 2018: The 4% Challenge, Pros & Cons.

My Recent Review Video of the 4 Percent Group – Must Watch!

What is the Four Percent Group?

So, the four percent group, in simple words is an ecosystem which teaches you – how you can go ahead and build a long-term sustainable passive income from the internet using the Multiple sources of income.


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What makes the Four percent Group unique from the other programs in the market?

The Four Percent Challenge

Well, it’s the training and the ecosystem. The Four Percent Challenge is made to change the life of an ordinary person and make them great. You get different levels of the 4% challenge. Every day you get to see 1 session where Vick trains you for success.

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What are the tools that you’ll need in order for you to succeed?

In order for you to be successful here are the tools that Vick recommends you to have. This will allow you to create sales funnels, automated emails, tracking links & sales, create websites and much more.

  • Clickfunnels – $97 (per month) [COMES WITH A 14 DAY TRIAL]
  • Getreponse – $15 per month
  • Clickmagick -$17 per month
  • Estage (Optional)
  • Promotional partner – $19 per month (Optional)
  • Four Percent Membership – $49 per month
  • Internet Traffic Mastery – $997 (Optional).

My main purpose of joining the four percent group is to focus on earning income from the multiple sources (and not depending upon a 1 income stream).

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Multiple Streams of Recurring Income

The Four Percent Group is probably the best ecosystem that you’ll see today to earn Multiple streams of income… how? Let me explain. You’ll get paid following for every person who you bring to the 4% group. These are the tools that every beginner will need in order to succeed online:

For 1 sale of the four percent group you can EASILY earn the following:

  • Clickfunnels – You earn $38.80 per month
  • Clickmagick – $17 for the first month and 30 to 50% of the commission (recurring).
  • Getresponse – $5 to $50 per month.
  • Four Percent Group Challenge – $19 per month
  • Blue host – $50 to$60 (one time).
  • E- stage -$38 per month and

much more. There are many income streams that I haven’t even included in the list!

Who can join the four percent group?

Literally, anybody who is ready to work hard can join the four percent group. Remember, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, however its the system inside the four percent group which makes everything inside so powerful.

  • A complete beginner who has no knowledge about internet can join the four percent group (step by step training will guide).

Is the success guaranteed?

Whether you’ll be successful or not will depend entirely on how hard & smart you work. If you are pretty busy and can’t give proper time to the training and its implementation then I would recommend you to not to join the 4% group as you might not see any success.

However, if you are fully committed and are ready to give your 100% then yes you should definitely take the four percent challenge.


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Four Percent Group Review 2018: 4% Challenge Pros & Cons: So I hope you found this post helpful. In case you have any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section below or you can also message me directly on Facebook.

Have a great day 🙂


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