How To Get Sales from FREE YouTube Traffic with Shopify Dropshipping?

Well, In today’s post, I’m gonna be telling you how you can increase your store’s revenue for free with free youtube traffic (with proof). So if you’re someone who’s wanting to increase your store’s traffic without investing in ads then be sure to read this full post till the end.

As usual, I’ll try to keep this post as short as possible and to the point, hope you’ll find this post to be helpful for you.

How To Get Sales from FREE YouTube Traffic with Shopify Dropshipping?

How To Get Sales from FREE YouTube Traffic with Shopify Dropshipping?

I’ve been dropshipping for the past couple of years now, and the best free traffic source, in my opinion for driving FREE traffic, is YouTube because it is faster and much easier to rank videos on YouTube when compared with Google and once you know what you need to do for ranking videos, the entire process gets much easier and fun.

What do I do to earn from YouTube?

I have made different YouTube channels where I upload tutorial/review/demo videos and then Title my videos with good keywords, good description, and tags, that allow me to get a lot of organic traffic onto my store, and hence this process increases my revenue every month.

Here are some statistics of one of my YouTube channels (real-time)

FREE YouTube Traffic with Shopify

600 organic views in 48 hours and almost every video in this channel is about a product in my dropshipping store. I haven’t been uploading much here, but I guess now is the time to go all-in, and improve my store’s revenue.

I have other YouTube channels also where I promote affiliate products, but let’s not get into that since this post is about shopify dropshipping.

YouTube – The Underrated Traffic Source

I know channels that are doing this exact stuff that I’ve been doing and they have like 10,000 subscribers, their videos get around 10,000 views every day, however, they’ve been highly consistent and in order to be successful, this needs to be done consistently over a long period of time.

I haven’t been that consistent with my Youtube channel which is the reason, I haven’t seen big numbers with this specific traffic source.

What Do I Do To Rank Videos?

In order to do this whole process, I first get videos from my supplier, or make it myself, or use automated software that creates videos for me. Once I’ve got the video, next thing, I do is to upload it on YouTube, write a long title & description with relevant keywords.

In the tags section, I add some tags as well, and also, I provide a link to the product page in the description. A good thumbnail is also important as it would lead to higher CTR which would then help the video in ranking higher and increasing the number of views, leading to more traffic to my site and sales.

Here are my store’s statistics:

I’ve generated over $4,000 in sales with this traffic source.

Also, recently I’ve been using automated software that can create videos in seconds and that type of video is also getting some views for me!

Conclusion: How To Get Sales from FREE YouTube Traffic with Shopify Dropshipping?

So yeah, that is it about this post, I hope you found this post to be helpful for you, In case you need any help or have any questions, then feel free to comment below or just DM me on Facebook here and I’ll be happy to help you out!

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