How To Get Google Adsense Approval for a New Website!

How To Get Google Adsense Approval for a New Website: Hello everyone, Today I would like to tell you about my approval of Adsense account. Adsense is a great platform for earning money but getting the Adsense approval is not that easy.

There are some terms and conditions which you need to fulfill. You can’t just copy the content from one blog to the another. Adsense never gives approval for the copyrighted content.


How To Get Google Adsense Approval for a New Website FAST & FREE!

How To Get Google Adsense Approval for a New Website

Here’s My Story –  

Disapproval at the beginning

A few years back I had created a blog on blogger.com and tried everything to get the Adsense approval.

I did all of the things from my side all the terms and conditions were also fulfilled from my opinion but I was still not getting approval for Google Adsense. Since I really wanted to get the Adsense approval & monetize my blog.

I purchased this blog & made sure again all the requirements were fulfilled. I made 3-5 posts each containing at least 500 words (unique) & with no grammatical errors.


Disappointment Again

I created my own website on WordPress. I tried to keep things simple and unique .I created some pages which I think are very important for getting google adsense approval :-Home Page , About Us , Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer .

Once the Pages were created then I started to Post on my blog. I inserted 5 posts with minimum of 500 words in each post and some pictures.

Then I applied for Adsense. After 5-7 hrs i got the mail that my account has been disapproved. Then I applied 4-5 times again –  everytime after modifying the theme and adding more content. But still I didn’t get the approval .

It was very frustrating for me!


Finally got the Approval

What I did before getting the approval :-

  • Changed the theme
  • Added widgets to the sidebar and footer.
  • Added About us widget in the footer.
  • Total posts were increased to 12.

This time also I didn’t expect my site to get the approval but I finally got the google adsense approval.  At that point of time, I was really happy as all my hard work didn’t go in vain. The feeling was awesome!


How To Get Adsense Approval for  Your Blog (Some Personal Tips)?

Below Are Some  Personal Tips To get Google Adsense Approval For Your Blog :-

  • You Must be Atleast 18 years old to Apply For Google Adsense Account .
  • Your website should look good and attractive and should provide good impression at first look.
  • Don’t just copy the content from one blog to another.Google never gives approval for copyrighted content.
  • Don’t get demotivated if you are not getting the approval try to modify your website each time you are not approved.
  • Make sure that your website fulfills all the Adsense terms and conditions.
  • You Must Create these pages – Home , About usContact us,Disclaimer,Privacy Policy .
  • Add atleast 10 posts and each post should have minimum of 500 words and atleast a picture and Featured image .
  • Your content should not be messy try to make the posts in Bullets or Numbers for easy understanding for the visitors.
  • Use Suitable Heading and Highlight Your Subject.
  • Recommended Free WordPress theme For Getting Google Adsense Approval – Hiero
  •  Website should look neat & clean.
  • Make sure that you have optimized your website with Google Webmaster tools.
  • Hiero is the theme through which I got my adsense approval you can go for it as well  .

If you are having any queries regarding this post you can feel free to ask question from comments section.I will help you in solving your problem.

Thanks For Viewing My Post .

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