How To Make Money From Your Blog (For Beginners in 2020)

How To Make Money From Your Blog (For Beginners): So, In today’s post, I am going to be showing you how as a complete beginner you can start making money from your blog in 2020. The methods that I am going to be showing you are really simple and literally anybody can use these methods to make money from their blogs. I really hope that you find this post to be helpful for you. Let’s just get started now.

How To Make Money From Your Blog (For Beginners In 2020)How To Make Money From Your Blog

In order to start making money from your blog, you must have a good amount of posts onto it with some traffic. If there’s no traffic or visitors coming onto your website, you cannot make money off of it. You need to have visitors coming onto your websites.

If there’s no traffic on your website, you need to do more posts by including keywords that have low competition.

You can watch my video from below on “How To Drive Traffic to your website for FREE The video below might be a bit old but trust me the 5 methods shown below still work really well.

Easiest Way To Make Money From Blog?

In my opinion, there are 2 best methods to get started with:

Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money Online with Jvzoo

In case you don’t know what is affiliate marketing, let me tell you, In this type of marketing, you are provided with a unique link and you have to decide what type of product you want to promote. Once you’ve decided to promote a product, grab your affiliate link, and start promoting it. Whenever someone buys anything via your link, you’ll get paid a certain percentage of commission.

This is by far the best way to make money from blogging for anyone. There are thousands of affiliate programs, however, in my opinion, these are the best ones that you can sign up for instantly (no approval required).

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program

You can sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program and it provides you commission from anywhere to 1% to around 10%, depending upon the product you’re promoting. One of the best thing about this affiliate program is that, anybody who clicks on your link and buys anything/ any product from amazon in 24 hours, you’ll be rewarded for that sale. In other words, If you’re promoting ‘XYZ Drone’ but the user doesn’t buy it and decides to buy any other product from Amazon For e.g. Asus XYZ Laptop, you’ll get paid for the laptop that’s being purchased.

I hope now you know how powerful this affiliate program is.

2. Walmart Affiliate Program

This is another affiliate program similar to Amazon Affiliate program, Amazon recently reduced their commission rates, so this could be a great alternative to the above program, however this does require the approval.

3. Jvzoo Affiliate Program

This is one of the most popular affiliate programs for promoting software. The benefit of promoting a software program is that normally the commission rates are very high, you get anywhere from 20% to 100% of the commission, however typically you get paid 50% of the commission with most of the products.

4. Clickbank Affiliate Program

This is another program that allows you to promote software products with similar commission rates. It’s a great alternative to Jvzoo

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Google Adsense

My Adsense Income

Using Google Adsense, you can get paid for every click i.e. every time a person clicks on a google ad on your website. It requires you to get the Google Adsense Approval.

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Conclusion: Best Method of Making Money Online with Blogging?

In my opinion, the best way to make money online is with Affiliate marketing as you can get paid a good chunk of commission whereas, normally with Google Adsense you don’t earn well if we compare it with affiliate marketing. So yeah, I would prefer Affiliate Marketing over Google Adsense every time!

How To Make Money From Your Blog: So yeah, that’s about it for this post, I hope that you found this post to be helpful for you. In case you have any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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