How To Make Money Online with Jvzoo as a Beginner [With Proof]

How To Make Money Online with Jvzoo as a Beginner: Are you struggling to make money with Jvzoo as an affiliate? Are you getting Frustrated?? Don’t worry, I was in the same position 1 month back.

Today, In this post, I’m going to be telling you how exactly was I able to make my First sale on Jvzoo, a few days back. Yesterday, I happened to make another sale. Hoping more sales in coming days…

Because of these results, I thought I could help you guys. So I decided to write this post. Hopefully, you’re going to find some value in this post.

How To Make Money Online with Jvzoo as a Beginner [With Proof]

How To Make Money Online with Jvzoo as a Beginner

Success Takes Time!

Almost after 2 months of signing up for Jvzoo, I got my first sale. Below are some of my personal recommended traffic sources that you should consider using in order to get success.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Warriorforum
  • YouTube
  • Website

I’ve also made a blog post on this.


Listed above are some of the sources that you can use in order to get free traffic to your affiliate link & get sales. My Top 2 Sources which give me Top Results are:-

  • My YouTube Channel
  • My Website

In my opinion, these 2 are the best sources from where you can drive highly targeted traffic & generate sales. No other traffic source is even comparable to these 2 traffic sources in my opinion.

This is because when people land at your YouTube video or your post on your website, they are already searching for the product that you are promoting. So there is a much higher chance of getting sales.


Search for the upcoming Product.

How To Make Money Online with Jvzoo

Generally, It’s very difficult to rank for a popular product which is already out & is having a lot of competition. As a beginner, it’s very difficult to rank for these products.

What I do is I basically, search for a popular product that is going to be released soon and I make a blog post on it before it gets released. You can find the list of Upcoming Popular Products on Jvzoo from here.

Look for the product that interests you, and make a good blog post/video on it on your website/ YouTube Channel.

Now, make sure that the product that you’re promoting is always relevant to your YouTube Channel or Website. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you won’t see any results.

I have a separate website where I make all the reviews related to the Jvzoo products.


What Search Terms / Keywords should you target for getting sales.

  • ‘Product Name’ Review
  • ‘Product Name’ Scam (Check the TOS of the Seller on whether there is any restriction on the use of word ‘Scam’)
  • ‘Product Name’ members area
  • ‘Product Name’ legit
  • ‘Product Name’ VS ‘Comparison  with its competitor’

Above are some keywords that you can use to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. So try & rank for these keywords. If your video/post ranks on the first page of YouTube/Google. You can expect some sales.

Most importantly, make sure that you’re being truthful & providing value to your visitors. Don’t force people to buy the product, provide them VALUE and most likely they’ll buy the product through your link.



Set a goal & Achieve it. In order to achieve any goal, you have to be committed and work hard. Success takes time, Don’t quit, work till you achieve the goal you’ve set and nobody can stop you from achieving that goal.


Use My Formula

Make 30 videos / 30 blog posts on the upcoming products by providing  Massive Value to your users. I guarantee you, You will SUCCEED!


How To Make Money Online with Jvzoo as a Beginner – I can write a lot more but I think you’ve got the basic idea on what you should do. Now, it’s your turn to take ACTION!


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