How To Negotiate With Aliexpress Supplier | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

How To Negotiate With Aliexpress Supplier: So In today’s post, I am going to be showing you how to negotiate with an Aliexpress supplier in 2020 while doing Shopify Dropshipping.  I used a simple strategy which has helped me in saving a lot of money and reducing my overall cost of the product.

Let’s just get started with what steps do I use to negotiate with an Aliexpress supplier while doing Shopify Dropshipping.

How To Negotiate With Aliexpress Supplier In 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping

Not everybody can buy in bulk and ship it to the fulfillment centers in the US. I am a person who likes to order directly via Aliexpress supplier as its safe and you’re protected by its purchase protection policy. Even though I don’t that it’s the best option in the long term.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that most of the suppliers may not negotiate with you if your order count is around a couple of orders per day. You need to be getting at least 5 orders per day and in such a case normally every supplier would be able to negotiate the price for you.

Steps I Take To Negotiate with Aliexpress Suppliers

The first step is to find multiple suppliers selling the product on Aliexpress that I am selling to my customers via dropshipping. I generally message to more than 5 suppliers with good orders and good ratings, also right now, I am shipping my products from the US only, So I’m trying to negotiate with the suppliers that can ship from the US.

I send them a direct message via Aliexpress (‘Contact now’) telling them that I am consistently getting these amounts of orders per month, would you be able to negotiate the price by a certain percentage or at a certain price. The price that I ask for is generally pretty low. For example. If a product is selling on Aliexpress at $15 with shipping, I’ll say the seller ‘I am gonna place 250 orders per month if you could set the price at $11 per piece‘.

The reply that I normally get after asking such a question is something like this – ‘Hey sorry dear we can adjust the price to $13 only’ 😂, I send the same message to different suppliers and at the end the supplier that gives me the cheapest price is the one that I’d order the products from.

After this, I normally get the Wechat ID of the supplier (s) (important) to continuously get the updates or get answers to my questions.

To place orders and reduce the price, the supplier would tell you to place the orders but not make the payment!



What this means is that when you’re checking out on Aliexpress, just select “western union” in the other payments option and then the supplier is gonna update the price for you. With DSers, you can simply fulfill orders without making payment and once the seller has negotiated the price, you can finally make the payment!

And that’s how simply the overall process is.

How To Negotiate With Aliexpress Supplier In 2020: So that’s about it for this post, hope you found this post to be helpful for you 🙂

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