How To Promote Clickbank Products In INDIA For Beginners 2018

How To Promote Clickbank products in India – Do you want to earn commissions from ClickBank? You’re at the right place. Today I’m going to be showing you how EXACTLY you can promote Clickbank Products in India. Below, I’ve listed step by step process on how you can do this. So even if you’re a beginner, you can follow the steps and start making commissions.


How To Promote Clickbank products in India & Earn Commissions!

How To Promote Clickbank products in India


Sign up for a Clickbank account.

First of all, you need to sign up for a Clickbank account which is 100% FREE. Once you sign up you’ll be able to promote any product available in the marketplace for free and easily earn from 50% to 100% of commissions for the product you promote.


Go to marketplace and choose A product you want to promote.

Promote Clickbank products in India

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The second step is to choose a product that you’re interested in promoting. You can go to the marketplace, choose a niche and select the product you want to promote.

Tip: Choose a product that is already popular in the market and which people are most likely buying. You don’t want to promote a crappy product as no one would buy it and it might also hurt your image.


(OPTIONAL: If possible buy the product)

The next thing that you can do is to simply buy & have a look at the product itself. This will give you a really good idea about the product & will also help you in promoting & getting sales as you will have good knowledge about the product. Moreover, you’ll also be able to answer other people’s questions who might be interested in buying that product.

(You don’t want to be a person who simply recommends a product but have no knowledge about it.)




While choosing a product for yourself you must look at the gravity & popularity of that product. The higher these 2 things are, more are the chances that people will buy it.



How To Promote Clickbank products in India

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Now,  once you have chosen the product you want to promote, the next thing you’ll need to do is to get your affiliate link. You can click on promote button and you’ll get your affiliate link then and there.



This is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind while promoting a product. You must promote the product to the right audience. For e.g People interested in bodybuilding are more likely to buy a product related to that. Don’t promote products related to online marketing/website building as that simply might not work.

How To Promote Clickbank Products IN India for free?

You can use the strategies that I use in order to drive traffic to my website.

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How To Promote CLICKBANK Products on Twitter FREE


You can use the above two strategies on how to promote Clickbank product in India or anywhere in the world.



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So, I really hope you found my post on ‘How To Promote Clickbank products in India’ helpful. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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