How To Promote CLICKBANK Products on Twitter FREE

How To Promote CLICKBANK Products on Twitter FREE: So Hello & Welcome to our website. Today, I’m gonna be showing you my personal method that I use in order to promote Clickbank products on Twitter for free. This method could help you to get some sales. I would recommend using a landing page so that you can capture your leads and email them promoting that product.

I’m gonna be showing you two methods on how to do this.

How To Promote CLICKBANK Products on Twitter for free in 2017


So the first method is all about following people and sending them an automatic message once they follow you back. You can create a new twitter account for this if you want.  I am personally using a separate account for this purpose.

You want to follow people who could be interested in buying your products, let’s say if you want to promote an affiliate offer that deals with something related to a dog, so what I would recommend you do is, just search for the people who are interested in that. You can easily find those people by doing a Twitter search. Once you follow them, just wait for a day or two.

You’ll see that some people will follow you back and everytime a person follows you he/she will get an automated message. This automated message should contain a good message encouraging those people to buy the product you are promoting.

Note: Don’t follow more than 200 people per day.

How to send an automatic message everytime a person follow you?

This is really easy. All you need to do is sign up on Crowd fire app using your Twitter account. After this go to settings and create an automatic message. I have also made a dedicated video for this so if you are interested you can check it out from below 🙂


So the second method is much easier than the first one.  What you need to do in this is, just go to your Twitter account, from there on the left side you should see the trending topics, you want to pick a trending topic from there and just promote a product that could be relevant to that trend. That’s it! That is how simple it is 🙂


So I hope you found this helpful 🙂

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