Marketing Agency Program Review (Kevin David’s MAP Course)

Marketing Agency Program Review (Kevin David’s MAP Course): In today’s post, I am going to be doing a review of the Marketing Agency Program which is a course made by Kevin David. I’ll be telling you – Who is Kevin David, what all you get inside the course and is it really worth the investment or not?

Now you’re here probably because you watched some video of Kevin David on his YouTube and in the description, there’s the link to this program and you’re thinking about getting it but are not sure whether it would be really worth it or not.

I really hope that you will find this post to be helpful to you. In case you have any queries regarding this then just feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Marketing Agency Program Review (Kevin David’s MAP Course)

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is a young entrepreneur and a YouTuber with almost 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube. He’s into make money online niche and teaches people how to get started with online marketing and making money online. He has several businesses that make him over 7 figures combined every month. He has a step by step course on Amazon FBA, Shopify Dropshipping, Facebook Ads, Amazon Agency, Digital Marketing (creating & selling courses), Shopify Agency, and MAP.

What is Marketing Agency Program about?

In this course, you’ll be learning how to set up your own marketing agency even if you’re a complete beginner and get clients for the business.

Course Content:

  • How To 10X Your Investment For This Course

In this, he’s gonna tell you how the investment of just $37 can help you in getting the Return of 10X (if it is followed properly).

  • The Exact Script Kevin Uses To Close Customers on $1000+ Contracts As A Complete Beginner

In this tutorial, he provides you with the exact script/the template that he uses to get a contract of more than $1000 without any specific skills required.

  • How To Get Customers INSTANTLY With One Simple (Follow Up = Profit!)

Here, you’re gonna learn about the right way of doing the follow up with your customer, follow up would lead to more conversions further leading to more revenue for you.

  • How To Close Your Prospect On Your Free Call (Advanced Sales Tips For Beginners)

Strategies that he has found effectively working for himself which it comes to closing the prospect and getting the money.

  • How To DRASTICALLY INCREASE your conversion rate for signing on new clients

In this, you’re gonna learn Kevin’s trick to increase the conversion rate for signing on new clients and getting recurring money over a period of time.

  • The Perfect Contract To Send Your Clients To Close The Deal

What are the essential things that should be present in the contract before you send to it your clients for closing the deal?

  • How To Get Set Up To Run Ads + Who Pays For Ads + How Much To Spend On Ads

This tutorial is concerned with setting your Facebook business manager, creating adsets, creating an advertisement that would lead to conversions. Also, you’ll know about who’s actually gonna pay for the ads and how much should spend on ads.

  • How To Get Your Clients New Profitable Customers In ADDITION To Re-targeting Their Website Traffic

In this, you’re gonna be learning how can you get your clients’ new customers and how to exactly do the retargeting with the help of Facebook pixel.

  • How To Set Up HUGELY Profitable Retargeting Ads For Your Clients

What are the steps that you need to take to create retargeting ads that would be hugely profitable for your clients and ultimately create a win-win situation both for you as well as your clients & more.

Is it really worth the Investment?

Kevin David currently sells the Marketing Agency Program for only $37 and he also gives you a 100% Money Back Guarantee for a period of 30 days (no questions asked). I personally think that it is definitely worth the investment because there’s no risk involved and

Click here to get the course now with a 30 days money-back guarantee

Alright, so that’s about it for this post on ‘Kevin David’s Marketing Agency Program Review‘. I hope that you found this post to be helpful to you. In case you have any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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