How To Choose the Right Affiliate Offer In Clickbank (Step by Step)

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and you’re confused about what affiliate offer should you be promoting then be sure to read this post as I’ll be covering the exact process that you need to follow in order for you to choose the right affiliate offer to promote.

As usual, I’ll try and keep this post as short as possible and to the point. In case you need any help regarding this post then feel free to let me know in the comments section.

How To Choose the Right Affiliate Offer In Clickbank (Step by Step)

So first of all, in order for you to choose the right affiliate offer, you need to know about the website where you can find a variety of different affiliate offers. In this post, I’ll be showing you how to choose the right affiliate offer for yourself in Clickbank

Create Your Account in Clickbank

How To NOT Promote Clickbank Products Online

Clickbank is one of the most popular marketplaces where you can find tons of different affiliate offers in different niches. So In order to start promoting Clickbank affiliate offers, you’ll first need to create your account on Clickbank.

Go To Marketplace

Once you’ve created your account, Clickbank may review it and after that, It should approve you as the affiliate. After this, you’ll need to sign in using your Clickbank id. Once you’ve signed in then in the top right corner you’ll see the option of “Marketplace”.

The marketplace in Clickbank is basically a place where you’ll find different affiliate offers according to the different categories.

Choose the Category / Niche

On that page, you’ll see different categories listed there. Choose the category according to your interest and knowledge. Before promoting any affiliate offer make sure that you have adequate knowledge about that offer. Don’t promote the offers for which you have no knowledge. It simply won’t make any sense.

Sort the results by Gravity

Once you’ve chosen your niche/category then sort the results by “Gravity”. Once you do this then you’ll start seeing the offers which will help you in determining what offer is converting the best. Higher the gravity – better is the product converting. Before promoting, check the amount of commissions (avg per sale) that you’ll be getting for every sale and make a wise decision.

For e.g, Let’s say there are 2 offers, one has a gravity of 95 and it gives a commission of $12 per and the other one has a gravity of “88” and it gives only $49 commission /sale. It would make more sense to promote the second offer as you’re getting the higher commission for every sale.

Look for Affiliate tools

Affiliate tools will make it a lot easier for you to promote your selected offer. You’ll find affiliate tools link on almost every popular offer on Clickbank. In the affiliate tools, you can get – done for you emails, banners, images, blog posts and much more. This can really help you in promoting your stuff online.

Bonus: Use a Custom Landing Page & Capture Emails to Earn more.

I would highly recommend you to create a custom landing page for every affiliate offer you promote. This will allow you to capture emails, send emails again and again to your visitors letting them know about the offer and also promote more affiliate offers to them.

This one step can drastically help you in building a long-term sustainable online income. You can simply copy the email sequences provided on the affiliate tools for that page and simply paste them into your email autoresponder. I would recommend you to modify the email sequences and add a bit of a personal touch also, be sure to paste your affiliate link in your emails.


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So yes that is about it for this post. I hope you found this post helpful. In case you’ve any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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