Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Review 2020: Scott’s Shopify Course

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Review 2020: Scott’s Shopify Course: – Hey, this is Manik again, hope you’re doing well, in today’s post I am going to be doing the full review of Scott Hilse’s Drop Shipping Course i.e. Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Review!

So I hope that you guys are gonna find this post helpful.

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Review 2020: Scott Hilse’s Shopify Course

Simplified Dropshipping review

Who is Scott Hilse?

Scott Hilse is most probably the first person who came up with the idea of One Product Dropshipping store, His YouTube channel is growing rapidly and he was recently featured by Oberlo on YouTube – the most popular order fulfilling app on Shopify where he talked about how he generated over $170,000 using his one product dropshipping store by selling an iPhone Case.

He teaches you dropshipping. Basically what that is is One Product Dropshipping on Shopify, which is his specialty. He teaches you Facebook ads, digital marketing, and basically anything to do with making money online.

When it comes to Shopify Dropshipping product research is super important to find a winning product you can scale with Facebook ads or even Google Adwords/Google ads. Then once you find the product you must find the fulfillment for it, you can either source it through a supplier, use Oberlo and or Aliexpress to source it, or Silkroad. Endorsed by Tai Lopez, Shopify, and Oberlo.

  • YouTube subscribers: 72,900+ s
  • Instagram followers: 30,000+
  • Facebook followers: 11,000+
  • Twitter followers: 2,000+

The Facebook ad costs are increasing every year,  In 2016, the CPM was Double the less of what it is today, Over 6million people now advertise on Facebook as compared to 3M in 2016. People on Facebook are now starting to recognize the dropshipping stores mainly because of the same structure that most of the stores follow these days.

So if you’re someone who is wondering whether he actually made all that money or not, then the answer is yes, he actually made that much of money and he still says that he’s still running the ads for that iPhone case till now as he’s still generating profits.

What all do you get in the Scott Hilse’s Shopify course?

There are over 30 lessons in the course and the overall content is around 3 hours long.

  • Lesson 1: Intro & History
  • Lesson 2: Dropship Eye
  • Lesson 3: His Winning Products, Stores, and Ads
  • Lesson 4: Building Store’s Skeleton
  • Lesson 5: Product Research/pricing structure
  • Lesson 6: Importing Your First Product (Silkroad)
  • ​Lesson 6: Importing Your First Product (Oberlo)
  • Lesson 8: What Shopify Plan to Choose
  • Lesson 9: One Product Stores: General or Branded?
  • Lesson 10: Choosing & Connecting Your Domain

So the first 10 lessons are about getting to know who exactly Scott Hilse is and what all has he achieved, how he views dropshipping, what are the products that have proven to be successful for him, how he builds up his one product dropshipping store.

What is his criteria of doing the product research and setting up the margins in order to generate profit from his sales and ad spend, how to import the product onto your store, which Shopify plan should you be choosing, Should you brand your one product store or not and how to exactly connect the domain name.

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Review

  • Lesson 11: Inner Workings Setup
  • Lesson 12: Site Build + Order Test
  • Lesson 13: Facebook Page Build
  • Lesson 14: Business Account, Ad Account, Pixel Setup
  • Lesson 15: Apps
  • Lesson 16: The Freedom Funnel Setup
  • Lesson 17: Building Your Ad
  • Lesson 18: Understand This Before Launching FB Ads
  • Lesson 19: Broad FB Ads Explanation
  • Lesson 20: Launching Your Product (Costly Way)

In lessons 11 to 20, you’ll be shown how to do inner workings setup, build your site and test whether you’re actually able to receive payments for the orders or is there any problem, build your Facebook page and things that you should be keeping in mind while doing this.

How to set up your Facebook business account, ad account and install Facebook pixel tracking code onto your Shopify store so that you can actually track conversions and get the right amount of data onto your Facebook stats to know how the adsets are performing, what types of ads should you be using, setting up of the funnel for higher conversions, building your first Facebook ad and things that you should be keeping in mind or understand while launching your Facebook ads.

Scott Hilse Shopify Course


  • Lesson 21: ‘Test & Go’ Product Testing (Cost-Effective Way)
  • Lesson 22: What to Do After Launching
  • Lesson 23: Facebook Ads: 0-100 Orders
  • Lesson 24: How to Analyze Your Ad Sets
  • Lesson 25: What to Do if Your Product Hits
  • Lesson 26: What to Try if Your Product Doesn’t Work
  • Lesson 27: Order Fulfillment (Oberlo)
  • Lesson 28: Order Fulfillment (Silkroad)
  • Lesson 29: Horizontal Scaling 
  • Lesson 30: Vertical Scaling
  • ​Lesson 31: Scaling w: CBOs
  • Lesson 32: Retargeting
  • ​Lesson 33: When and How To Form An LLC
  • Lesson 34: When and How To Outsource
  • ​​Lesson 35: FREE Targeted Page Likes From Your Ad
  • ​Lesson 36: Advanced Facebook Audiences: 100-10,000 Orders (LAAs)
  • ​Lesson 37: Outro
  • BONUS LESSON: How To Use Rules To Automate Facebook Ads
  • ​BONUS LESSON: What To Do Once You Get Results
  • BONUS: Entry To his Mentorship FB Where his skilled students and he’ll personally guide you.

In lessons 21 to the bonus lessons by Scott Hilse, you’ll be learning how to do product testing in a cost-effective way, what steps should be taken exactly after launching the ad, how to get first 100 orders, how to analyze your Facebook adsets for optimizing, what steps should you be taking if your product hits or doesn’t hit.

How to fulfill your products via different ways, how to scale your ads horizontally and vertically, the role of Campaign Budget Optimization ads in Facebook ads and scaling products, how to retarget your potential customers in a right way, when and how to form a Limited Liability company, how to outsource your products, get free organic targeted page likes on your ads, utilizing your Facebook audiences in the right way and much more!

BONUS: LIFETIME Access To All Updates & New Videos + Simplified Dropshipping 2.0 & 3.0

Here are his store’s results:

Scott Hilse Review


Scott Hilse Course bonusSimplified Dropshipping ReviewSimplified Dropshipping Review one productSimplified Dropshipping Review 2019
and more bonuses worth overall over $2497

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Review Conclusion

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 is a fairly short drop shipping course by Scott Hilse and does offer lots of value in places. Also just because Scott got lucky from one product doesn’t mean you will be.

There are some other courses in the market like the eCom Blueprint 2.0 case study by Gabriel St Germain where he reveals a couple of his dropshipping stores which did 6 – 7 figures, you can check out the review of that course from here. However do note that this course is for the ones that are intermediate and have had some experience with Shopify dropshipping (In short, this is not for newbies)

So I hope that you found this post on Simplified Dropshipping review helpful. Let me know in case you have any queries regarding this in the comments section below. You will get your bonuses once you buy the course using my link. Contact me at manik@passiontorise.com or on Facebook if you want to connect with me personally.


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