How To Use Facebook Retargeting Ads To Instantly Increase Sales!

Alright, guys, I’ve been using Facebook Retargeting ads for months now and in today’s post, I am going to be showing you the exact method I follow in order to Increase my affiliate marketing & eCommerce sales using this strategy.

I’ll be covering everything step by step in this post so that even a complete beginner can follow this strategy.

How To Use Facebook Retargeting Ads To Instantly Increase Sales!

Use Facebook Retargeting Ads

Always remember an old visitor has a higher chance of purchasing something through your website than a brand new customer. So bring back your old customers to your website using retargeting and this is one of the best strategies in order to increase your sales especially if you’re website gets a lot of visitors.

First of all, if you’re not using a Facebook Pixel in your website then please do that first. Why? simply because this will help you in retargeting the visitors who have already visited your website.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Well, A Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website that helps you in tracking conversions from your Website, Facebook ads, You can optimize ads based on collected data, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to qualified prospects i.e. people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

In simple words, with this one pixel on your website, you can run ads to those who’ve already visited your website including the ones that haven’t entered any personal details like email address etc.

How To Set Up the Facebook pixel on your website?

You can set up the Facebook pixel from here on your website. I would recommend you to use a Business account for this.

Before Running Facebook Retargeting ads you need to make sure of certain things.

facebook retargeting ads sales

So after you’ve gone through the above link and set up your facebook pixel, you need to know how this facebook pixel thing works. So In order for you to retarget your visitors, you first need to make sure that you are enough getting visitors to your website or that specific blog post (that you wanna run ads for). More the visitors, more people you’ll be able to retarget. Also please go through the Facebook Ad policy of running ads as if you do not follow the policy then your account might get shut down.

Check out the Facebook Ad policy from here

Setting up your first Retargeting ad

This is super easy. In this blog post, I’ll assume that you are already getting traffic to your website and your facebook pixel has enough data to retarget your visitors.

Following steps are involved in order to retarget your website visitors:

  • Make sure that you have a Facebook business account and you’re already logged in.
  • After you’ve set up your pixel then you need to click on to Business Manager tab (Asset Library) > All Tools > Audiences (under Assets).
  • Then click on Create Audience > Custom Audience > Website Traffic

  • From here you can either choose to retarget all your website visitors or the people who’ve visited a specific website.

  • Name the audience and save it.


Now once you’ve created your retargeting audience then you need to create a good Ad that will attract your visitors to your website again. You can use scarcity or give some bonus or discount coupon in the ad itself. A lot of vendors already have a discount coupon so you can ask them for it and use the discount code and tell them something like the coupon code is valid only for the next few days etc.

Here is how to create an Ad for affiliate marketing

  • Go to Business Manager > All Tools > Ads Manager
  • Click on “Create” button
  • Select “Traffic” and name your campaign

  • Click continue and Click on “Use a Saved Audience” under “Audience”.
  • Now select your retargeting audience

  • After this, scroll down and select your country where your target audience is.
  • You can select Worldwide.
  • Select the Age, Gender and make sure that the Expand interests checkbox is turned off.

  • After this, you can select the “Automatic Placements” and select your budget.
  • (Don’t touch the other settings).

I would recommend you to start your budget at  $5 per day and then let’s say the affiliate offer your promoting gives you a commission of $25. So I would recommend you to run your ad until $25 are spent. If you get a sale by this time continue advertising otherwise, change interests and create different Ad sets according to your needs.

Scale the ad sets that bring you the profit and remove the ones that don’t. This is the strategy I follow.

Creation of the Facebook Ad Copy

  • After you’ve done this, then click on Continue, select your facebook page.
  • Select Single Image AD or Video
  • Now upload an attractive photo with no text

  • Write an attractive ad copy
  • Enter your website link

After this, save it and click on continue. That’s it after you’ve done this then Facebook will review your ad which might take a few minutes.

So yes, I hope you found this blog post on How To Use Facebook Retargeting Ads To Instantly Increase Sales helpful. Let me know in case you have any further query regarding this or you want me to make a more detailed video about this.

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