Verum Ecom Review: John Yoon’s Dropshipping Course

Today, I’ll be showing you my full Verum eCom Review, Verum eCom is a YouTube channel made by John Yoon who uploads videos related to eCommerce i.e. Shopify dropshipping. In this post, I’ll be telling you whether or not is his content worth it or Verum eCom is a scam? Should you really listen to this guy?

Verum Ecom Review: John Yoon’s Dropshipping Course

Verum ecom

Before we get started with the review of Verum Ecom’s course, we first need to understand who is he?

Who is Verum Ecom?

The owner of Verum eCom YouTube channel and website is John Yoon. He runs multiple 7 figures stores which he also shows on his YouTube channel and the course. He seems to have amazing knowledge about e-commerce and how to run Shopify dropshipping stores profitably. John resides in the USA and is another young entrepreneur with a lot of potential, he knows how to put money in Facebook ads and earn return on investment.

As of know, he has just uploaded 11 videos on his channel and people have been absolutely loving his content and because of which he has managed to earn the trust of over 54,000 people on his youtube channel.

His Facebook group has over 29,000 subscribers.


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Verum eCom Course Review

Unlike other most YouTubers out there, Verum doesn’t have any paid course. He provides free of cost content. In one of the Free Shopify Dropshipping case studies he showed how he did over $500,000 in sales and he has also revealed one his stores that did 7 figures!

In his YouTube video and coursesĀ  he shows step by step what it takes for you to become a successful dropshipper. He also did a case study on how he made over $500,000 by dropshipping the same product that Gabriel St Germain shows in his case study videos of his paid course.

The quality of the content he shows is amazing and the best thing is that it is 100% free, you can learn a lot of stuff from product research to running Facebook ads successfully.

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Is his Course beginner-friendly & My Conclusion?

If you’re a complete beginner and don’t know basic stuff like setting up a website, getting a domain, importing products, creating logos, doing SEO etc. then I’m afraid you won’t be learning all of this basic stuff from this course.

However, I’m sure you’ll love this course i.e. eCom Elites made by Franklin Hatchett – This is a complete 100% beginner-friendly course on Shopify dropshipping that shows you everything step by step on how to go from a complete beginner to an expert in dropshipping products from China to anywhere in the world.

eCom Elites Course Review

This course will show you everything from creating a Shopify store (creating logos, pages, importing) to getting free traffic via SEO, using paid media sources like Google Adwords, Facebook ads and more! This is an A-Z Complete dropshipping course for beginners!

Love Verum’s Content and Want To See More Case Study Videos?

If you love Verum’s content then you’re also gonna love Gabriel St Germain’s case study course which is for intermediate dropshippers and not for beginners. In eCom Blueprint 2.0, Gabriel St Germain reveals a couple of his stores that did 6 figures in revenue, everything from the stores to the ads, analytics etc. are shown in this course and you’re gonna absolutely love the content.

eCom Blueprint Review

I hope you found this post on Verum Ecom Review helpful. In case you’re having any queries regarding this then feel free to let me know in the comments section below or you can also contact me on Facebook directly.

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